Monday, April 03, 2006

wedding dog

wedding dog
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Went to a very nice wedding this weekend for a neighbors daughter. The grooms parents brought their dog with them to the ceremony and reception.

I love dogs, and this one was a highly trained 'working dog' that can do funtional things like get a beer (if you tie a rope to the fridge handle) or give you his paw.

I loved that they brought the dog, and wished I had though to bring mine. The dog was better behaved than most of the people.

At the bar for my umpteenth diet pepsi, the Maid of Honor stumbled right up to me and placed her hand flat on my stomach.

This is kinda weird because I had never met this girl before. Her eyes are completely glazed with alcohol.
MOH:(slurring) "You're the wing guy"
SB: "Yeah"
MOH: "Wow"
SB: "Excuse Me..."


gerberdaisy said...

where was I while you were getting felt up?
Take my eyes off you for 1 second...

steakbellie said...

you were doing 'the electric slide'
I cant do that, so I figured I'd get you a glass of white and me a diet pepsi.....

is that funny...she actually said 'wow'....

I totally forgot about it until I started writing about the dog

Katrocket said...

haha - so what was her "wow" referring to??

a) wow... you have such a trim figure for a guy who eats a lot of wings.
b) wow... that's $@#*! crazy but i'll just act impressed so he doesn't suspect i'm disgusted.
c) wow...i'm really drunk and your wife is way over there doing the electric slide so WTF, I'll just check this badboy out.
d) she was just really drunk

Hey, I was at a wedding this weekend, too - a co-worker, so I didn't know ANYONE except the groom. NEVER AGAIN. I had a 14 year-old boy stalking me all night. I danced with him twice to be a good sport. The little f**ker grabbed my ass during the 2nd dance. I'm quite horrified by the possibility that he's telling all his school buddies about his big weekend score right now.


steakbellie said...

The chick was in her early twenties, so her interest was purely Carnival Side Show.

'Jeesh, look at the bearded woman'
'Cool, check out the lizard boy'
'Wow, it's that wing-guy...i touched his stomach....where's the bathroom?'

gerberdaisy said...

Kat- will you be going to the prom with him?
and the correct answers would be
c and d

Katrocket said...

Gerberdaisy - well, who knows if the novelty will wear off come prom know how fickle young men can be. Perhaps one day a note will be passed to me: "will u go to the prom with me? Check yes or no." haha! do the kids still do that stuff?

groovygrrrl said...

you guys crack me up!
I still can't get over the fact that girl just molested you! I thought our moms taught us not to let strange people touch us. Much less don't fondle someone's belly... be he wing guy or no. Sheesh!