Thursday, January 31, 2008

say 'weeee' (eight words)

lap bar locked
too late to get off

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


WingBowl is this Friday.
If you are interested in listening, coverage starts at around 6am. You can listen through your computer at Click 'Listen Live' somewhere in the top left corner of the page.

About this year:
About 30,000 Tix sold out in 45 Minutes.

Contest Structure is the same:
1rst Round - 30 Eaters for 14 Minutes
2nd Round - Top 10 Eaters move on to eat for 14 more minutes
3rd Round - Top 5 Eaters move on to eat for 2 more minutes.

Prize Structure is different:
Winner of Round 1 wins a Harley Davidson Motorcycle
Contest Winner receives a Toyota Tundra
Best Float/Enterauge receives: 72" TV and 10 trips to Punta Cana

The big storyline is that ElWingador (former 5 Time Champ and local resident) is coming out of retirement specifically to beat Current 2 time champ (and number 1 pro in the world) Joey Chestnut. ElWingador has his hands full here.
10 of the 30 Eaters have Professional Status.

My Strategy:
There's a great prize for the float this year. Some of you remember the 11ft beer can we built last year, and I announced on the radio that this year we would be building a 12ft beer can. I cant tell you what we're doing this year, but it will be the first contest that I compete without the kilt. The kids are happy about that, but I had to really make this commitment to sell the concept/theme.

My brother and 2 other close friends werent able to be in the Enterague this year, so I've had to find replacements for them too. I'll miss not having my brother bagpipe me into the stadium. That was always emotional.

We have a very good chance of winning this prize.

My other startegy is to win the first round prize. Beating Joey in 30 minutes of eating would be nearly impossible, but I think if I am extremely clean on the wings I have a better chance than the lottery of taking the first round. I'm experienced enough to know what has to be done. My capacity is much higher than it was last year, and I'm going to sacrifice every resource that I have in the first 14 minutes to win that motorcycle. Even if it means there's no room left to eat in the second round.

I cant wait to show you guys the float we made!

Matthes pointed out in the Comments about the Final Installment of the SPIKE TV eating tournament I went to in Vegas last fall. SPIKE TV will be airing it this Sunday during HALFTIME of the SuperBowl. I know that it was originally an hour and has been edited down to 30 minutes. I'll be eating Hardboiled Eggs and I can tell you it ENDS pretty good for me!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

for you (eight words)

I will catch
the Satellite

from the ether

everyone is making things out of
carbon nano-tubes,
but me.

Monday, January 28, 2008

From the Ether


Friday, January 25, 2008

If any of you find find my body (eight words)

Call 911 FIRST
Call the Olsen Twins SECOND

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

30 minutes in February (American Sonnet)

Hours and hours of self doubt are broadcast in my head
This office only appears to be silent
It's actually resonating with Direct Observation, with Rationale
of Why I cant win, why I'll never be the best, there's truth and proof

My heart rages undeterred with hope and ignorance
above the facts and science
it has it's own vision and voice
and the roar is becoming deafening in here

So for now I do the things I dont like to do, and prepare
My guts pay the price in the end
It's the heart that pushes you way out past misery
Past Reason

I wish this was about bowling

Monday, January 21, 2008

New SB Logo?

WingBowl is 2 weeks away and I have a nice post about that looming in my head. There is always sooooo much to do before the event and my head is spinning.

I decided to make a logo for myself that I could use year round and not just for WingBowl. I modified last years tshirt logo to get what you see.

The whole thing came to me during a 12-hour wrestling tournament, where I was heavily influenced by other wrestling clubs t-shirts that said all kinds of tough things about pride, discipline, and hardwork. I laugh everytime I see this now.

Please let me know what you think about this on a t-shirt!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Gaps You Dont See

mighty mighty
Originally uploaded by steakbellie.
Wrestling is a HUGE part of my life. In the years, I've been doing this blog I've only mentioned it a few times. As much as I love it, I guess I'm not inspired to write about it.

This is the SEVENTH season that my sons are involved and they are getting very very good. Practice begins 3x a week in November and in January we add Matches on Sat mornings (about 5 hours) and Tournaments on Sundays (can be 8-10 hours if you keep winning). On thursday nights we do the computerized matchups with the opposing teams and this is the second week that I got home at 1am. The Season can go into March, sometimes longer if you can go to the National Tournaments.

I have the 'box score' of every match my three sons ever wrestled in the last 7 years saved on my pda. My oldest son also wrestles for the middle school. I'm at work for those matches, so my wife goes to them and describes the match to me over her cell phone as it happens. I can hear the whistles in the background and close my eyes to see it happen.

I hate baseball and dont really understand team sports in the way that many people do. For me wrestling is so much like life. There is always a risk of failure, even when you do everything right. You can get advice and encouragement from the people on the sidelines, but in the end it is really it is just you alone against a problem. Anything can happen, but those who are most prepared will benefit the most.

You really have to be careful about pushing your kids in sports. A few years ago, my oldest son wanted to quit and play basketball. It killed me, but my wife was wise enough to let him do what he wanted. He missed it terribly and the next year came back and began taking responsibilty for his own training and fitness. Twice a week now he gets called up to practice with the High School Team. I get alot of satisfaction out of the mature decisions he makes surrounding wrestling.

I like the physical closeness my boys have during the winter. They roll around the floor like cubs, laughing and pining each other. The energy they expend is healthy. They are not afraid to touch or hug or crush each other. Or me.

Whats really fascinating is that they all fight so differently despite the same genetic pool and the same training. Kids are pretty amazing.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Staging My Own Writers Strike (eight words)

Still Here
Still Alive
Still Thinking
Not Writing

Thursday, January 10, 2008

but isnt it? (eight words)

you probably
think this
song is
about you

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

truckin (haiku)

gasoline and steam
coolant and motor oil
service engine soon

Monday, January 07, 2008

back to work

Thanks for all the kind words.
It wound up being a positive experience for me. It was the first viewing/funeral attended by my sons and I cant tell you how proud I am of them. I think they learned/felt/experienced alot.

It's funny that when you live to be 100, there are alot less people around to come to your own funeral. All of your friends are already dead. A great showing of the family though and perhaps the last time there's a reason to be together in such completeness.

Uncle Charlie was the last living member of his High School Class. Thats pretty cool. He's also the last living member of his generation in my family. I found myself remourning my Grandparents as well with his passing.

It was great to hear all the stories and to laugh inbetween the tears.

Now we go back to work......