Wednesday, January 30, 2008


WingBowl is this Friday.
If you are interested in listening, coverage starts at around 6am. You can listen through your computer at Click 'Listen Live' somewhere in the top left corner of the page.

About this year:
About 30,000 Tix sold out in 45 Minutes.

Contest Structure is the same:
1rst Round - 30 Eaters for 14 Minutes
2nd Round - Top 10 Eaters move on to eat for 14 more minutes
3rd Round - Top 5 Eaters move on to eat for 2 more minutes.

Prize Structure is different:
Winner of Round 1 wins a Harley Davidson Motorcycle
Contest Winner receives a Toyota Tundra
Best Float/Enterauge receives: 72" TV and 10 trips to Punta Cana

The big storyline is that ElWingador (former 5 Time Champ and local resident) is coming out of retirement specifically to beat Current 2 time champ (and number 1 pro in the world) Joey Chestnut. ElWingador has his hands full here.
10 of the 30 Eaters have Professional Status.

My Strategy:
There's a great prize for the float this year. Some of you remember the 11ft beer can we built last year, and I announced on the radio that this year we would be building a 12ft beer can. I cant tell you what we're doing this year, but it will be the first contest that I compete without the kilt. The kids are happy about that, but I had to really make this commitment to sell the concept/theme.

My brother and 2 other close friends werent able to be in the Enterague this year, so I've had to find replacements for them too. I'll miss not having my brother bagpipe me into the stadium. That was always emotional.

We have a very good chance of winning this prize.

My other startegy is to win the first round prize. Beating Joey in 30 minutes of eating would be nearly impossible, but I think if I am extremely clean on the wings I have a better chance than the lottery of taking the first round. I'm experienced enough to know what has to be done. My capacity is much higher than it was last year, and I'm going to sacrifice every resource that I have in the first 14 minutes to win that motorcycle. Even if it means there's no room left to eat in the second round.

I cant wait to show you guys the float we made!

Matthes pointed out in the Comments about the Final Installment of the SPIKE TV eating tournament I went to in Vegas last fall. SPIKE TV will be airing it this Sunday during HALFTIME of the SuperBowl. I know that it was originally an hour and has been edited down to 30 minutes. I'll be eating Hardboiled Eggs and I can tell you it ENDS pretty good for me!!!


Matthes said...

Dude, kick some ass. I'll be listening. You've got my whole family head over heels in love with competitive eating. When are they goign to air the 3rd of those Spike programs, by the way?

Hey - if you remember, next time you talk to Joey, tell him I said, "What's up, Homeslice?"

Chris said...

6 a.m... I'm assuming that's Eastern time? (Just making sure I set my alarm right. 5 a.m. Central is pretty early for elderly hippies.)

I'll be eating wings for breakfast in your honor!

Leonesse said...

I can't wait to watch!