Friday, January 18, 2008

The Gaps You Dont See

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Wrestling is a HUGE part of my life. In the years, I've been doing this blog I've only mentioned it a few times. As much as I love it, I guess I'm not inspired to write about it.

This is the SEVENTH season that my sons are involved and they are getting very very good. Practice begins 3x a week in November and in January we add Matches on Sat mornings (about 5 hours) and Tournaments on Sundays (can be 8-10 hours if you keep winning). On thursday nights we do the computerized matchups with the opposing teams and this is the second week that I got home at 1am. The Season can go into March, sometimes longer if you can go to the National Tournaments.

I have the 'box score' of every match my three sons ever wrestled in the last 7 years saved on my pda. My oldest son also wrestles for the middle school. I'm at work for those matches, so my wife goes to them and describes the match to me over her cell phone as it happens. I can hear the whistles in the background and close my eyes to see it happen.

I hate baseball and dont really understand team sports in the way that many people do. For me wrestling is so much like life. There is always a risk of failure, even when you do everything right. You can get advice and encouragement from the people on the sidelines, but in the end it is really it is just you alone against a problem. Anything can happen, but those who are most prepared will benefit the most.

You really have to be careful about pushing your kids in sports. A few years ago, my oldest son wanted to quit and play basketball. It killed me, but my wife was wise enough to let him do what he wanted. He missed it terribly and the next year came back and began taking responsibilty for his own training and fitness. Twice a week now he gets called up to practice with the High School Team. I get alot of satisfaction out of the mature decisions he makes surrounding wrestling.

I like the physical closeness my boys have during the winter. They roll around the floor like cubs, laughing and pining each other. The energy they expend is healthy. They are not afraid to touch or hug or crush each other. Or me.

Whats really fascinating is that they all fight so differently despite the same genetic pool and the same training. Kids are pretty amazing.


Chris said...

Cool. Way cool.

Mega Munch said...

I'm still trying to get over the "I hate baseball" comment.

Screwy Lewie said...

Awesome! I'm so happy when you write prose.