Monday, April 30, 2007

something I need to work on (eight words)

Living life
without becoming bitter?
Thats called Grace

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Captain Obvious Heads back to the Gym

believe it or not
i STILL am surprised
when the pants dont fit

a month ago I had gotten up to 5 miles at a pop
I celebrated by stopping all excercise whatsoever


instant fatass

it sucks starting over

We Ride (haiku)

Grown Men in A Car
Still compelled to stop and see
South of the Border

Friday, April 20, 2007

Sunny Side Up (haiku)

the Baby is eight
his world is just wonderful
go maximum, go!

hitting the road (haiku)

arm out the window
my thoughts are already south
unroll these tires


How many times are we going to let our Government Officials off the hook for lying? They so easily wipe everything under the carpet by saying "I Mis-Spoke" or "I dont Remember". None of that would cut it in the real world. We really cant trust anything thats said anymore, because they can retract it so easily if they get busted for lying without any consequences.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Just yesterday I saw the breaking news about how the VT Killer had mailed NBC News a package.

Certainly I was curious of the contents. I was also happy that they turned it over to the FBI...but apparently they made a copy for themselves first.

I figured they would wait a few weeks and then have a 'special' on TV at night that would show some of the stuff and stretch the content over several hours so they could sell BoTox Injections, Viagra and Toilet Paper. I knew that greed would eventually break them, they would eventually show the goods.

As little faith as I have in these people, even I was surprised that they would release this killers rants and posed photos immediatley and everywhere without warning. There's a significant amount of people out there hurting, and I'm sure many of them didnt want to be taunted by this freak. I mean, none of these kids have even been buried yet.

The material should have been segregated to a specific time when people could be aware of what they were about to see.

NBC really played into Cho's hands. He orchestrated a photo shoot and chose the pictures of himself that he wanted and NBC covered the globe with it. He gave them a script of his views and ideas and they gave him a grandstand.

Every TV personality is tripping over themselves to be filming from that campus. They want some poor kid who's life just fell apart to break down on camera and say "there there, there there" as comfort. They want to come accross as infomative, compassionate and understanding...but this pretty much just proved their true motives.

Greed, even in the face of such horror.

Nice work, assholes.

Sanjaya (haiku)

Idol Cheats Us All
You're the Worst but not the Least
I will Avenge you

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Have we poisoned reality with Movies?

We're all deeply involved in the details coming out of Virginia Tech. It seems every news broadcast and magazine spared no expence airlifting their best-looking onto the campus for an exclusive tell all. Every 15 minutes they will pick some co-ed from the pool and force them to relieve their grief and horror before us.

My kids very matter of factly wanted to know why no-one was able to overcome the shooter from behind. Why no-one was able to distract the shooter while someone else struck him with a chair or a karate-chop. "How about when he was re-loading?"

They dont know the paralysis and desperation of that kind of event, and thankfully neither do I. I tried to explain it to them as I imagined it. I dont know how my description could possibly compete with 13 years of heros with bullet wounds fighting off ninjas in black.

The reality is just so horrifying.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

the people you love (eight words)

look very different
when they are
holding guns

for those of you who know who this is, there was a nice article published about him yesterday. Ironically, the same day as the Virgina Tech Shootings. I touched up the photo abit.

Monday, April 16, 2007

PROOF that you never hear the one that gets you

Nasty nasty weather with the rain turned to snow and high winds.

Walking to my office building, I found out about a graprefruit size chunk of ice that blew off a 40 story building, when it impacted between my feet.

How it missed my enourmous head, I'll never know.

It hit pretty hard, and I'm certain would have knocked me out!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

No More Bitter Coatings on Sugar Pills

eight words of anger from a bitter and hurt person (eight words)

Originally uploaded by steakbellie.
all of my heros die
but cheney doesnt

just realized this is my one thousanth post...figures...and really what have i ever said?

Kurt Vonnegut is Dead

Originally uploaded by steakbellie.
This week is sucking major ass.

I've been dreading this news for years and just let out a audible welp when the computer screen kicked on.
Now what do we do????????????????

So it goes.....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


A few weeks before all of the contaminated dog food was on the news, my Parents's Dog was at the Vet's because of Kidney Failure. They were very fortunate to get her there on time. The Vet didnt know the cause and assumed it was from old age or disease, and put her on a special diet that wouldnt tax the kidneys so much.

Soon after the news hit about all of these poisoned pet foods, and it became clear the cause of her ailment.

She improved but got worse recently and had to go to the Vet again. Yesterday they had to put Lady down. I dont know for certain but suspect that it had something to do with the poisoning from a month ago.

The Grandkids are upset and I feel just terrible for my parents. She was a Border Collie that they rescued, and was probably the brightest dog I've ever known. It's such a crime that families accross our country are going through this. How many we may never know but it seems to be snow balling.

How can so many Brands of dog food all be made by the same supplier? My parents bought the most expensive foods with the assurance that they were the best choice for health, but it seems that the whole spectrum of Brands was poisoned.

I would argue that the use of 'Wheat Gluten' as Protein was made as a financial decision and not as a health benefit to the Dogs who evolved getting their protein from real meat. So even the most Premium of foods didnt seem to have anything special about them.

What about our food supply? I wonder who controls the chemicals they use to concoct our boxed foods? How badly are we being poisoned?

It's just a mess....

Friday, April 06, 2007

The Winners (eight words)

willing to do
which you were not

Thursday, April 05, 2007

days that end in 'y' (eight words)

what's another
failure to
a guy
like me?

god hates ugly teenagers (American Sonnet)

fury and indifference
fearful solitude and repulsion
bad skin and a worn out pair of black courderoys

looking back in anger into town
he couldnt decide to leave or go home
more people care than he realizes
but still, they just dont care that much

everything good that will ever happen to him will be an accident
most of the bad stuff his own fault
it will take years to figure that out

is there a future for people who are just good at feeling pain?
the chorus knows the answer
they've seen this play out before
stay tuned

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

at the food cart

The two ladies in front of me are annoying me in ways the wind and rain do not.

One of the ladies is trying to poke me in the eye with her umbrella. Typically I wear sunglasses in the rain to prevent this, but today I am not. The sunglasses are in my chest pocket, and I am too sour to move my hands that far to retrieve them.

She and her friend are laughing loudly about something and she uses the opportunity to jab at me again. I lean back at the hips, Matrix style, and avoid the pointy assault.

I do not believe in umbrellas, so I am unable to return fire, so I consider kicking her square in the back instead. I watch it happen in my head.

She is taking forever to order her food, and I am getting wetter and wetter. I dont mind getting wet, but I do mind not getting food when I've decided to eat. The woman is asking the vendor all the different options she can get on her food, and if it's free. In the end she settles on a 'Hot Sausage', which is just a fat hotdog with spice chemicals. I know a hotdog when I see it.

She wants it dry. No ketchup, No Sauerkraut, (No Lemonade). That pisses me off further, after her long line of questioning concerning the possibilty of toppings.

The hotdogs cook and they argue with the vendor about the price, and can they get chips for free.

I think about my lawn.

A homeless man in flannel stands behind the two ladies. He and I are equally wet at this point in the steady rain. We are the same height, but he is rail thin. I admire his beard.

"Scarey People Around Here!" He proclaims, making the two ladies nervously look over their shoulders. I dodge another umbrella swipe and smile at their discomfort. I wonder if he's talking about me.

"It's the Chicken Devil.....It's the Chicken Devil." he confides in the ladies, as they lean away from him, cringing and snearing. He walks away and they are rattled.

Everything's ok for me now.

absentminded cruelty (haiku)

you rattle the cage
boredom, curiosity
he's gonna bite you

8 words from Ariel (eight words)

you never hear
the one that gets you

Monday, April 02, 2007

My New Favorite Blog


Thanks to Wendy for pointing this site out. I love people who have mastered visual simplicity. I also love people with big boobs.