Monday, April 03, 2006

temporary permanence

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Go sit in your favorite room of the house. The one with that comfy chair. Close your eyes and feel the moment, feel the solid walls around you, the smells of your home.

If you can sit there long enough, there will come a day that your neighborhood will be abandoned, and your house will fall back into the earth. Trees will once again sprout out of the rubble, perhaps a pond of fish will live in your basement.

It may not happen in your lifetime, but it will happen.

Now envision yourself at the crossroads of the world. Times Square, New York City. See the Coke sign light up, watch the taxis and buses race up and down. Listen to that crazy guy in the underwear and cowboy hat play guitar.

It's all going

As permanent as this place feels, the seas will return. The grass will return. The buildings will fall over and disappear. Oxygen will eat those powerful girders. You can count on it.

Isnt that a huge?


Gator said...

It IS huge. And strangely comforting. A perfect post for the end of my day.

groovygrrrl said...

yes, strangely comforting. Somehow it always helps me to put things into perspective when I feel small again.

steakbellie said...

all the damage we do will be repaired, once nature decides to kill us.

Anonymous said...

That picture rocks!