Tuesday, April 11, 2006


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six weeks and acouple of days to go

this is a confirmation to myself of what i intend to do. this is the begining of the ramp up, the escalation

if i have enough dicipline to force my obessions into actions, to keep myself uncomfortable, hungry and focused. endure past the naseua and pain

then all i have to do is just showup on gameday, and everything i want will happen.....

what have you done today?


Chris said...

Dude... You talk about "discipline," and "action," and "hungry," and "focused."

I sit around all day thinking about beer. Not much discipline, action, hunger or focus in my life these days... But I'm happy!

steakbellie said...

thats me most of the time....but i feel i'm 'onto something' here, and I'm desperate to keep myself focused for once, at least until this fantasy plays out.....

szg said...

What did I do to today?

I ate a cookie. It was good. So I had another cookie. It was also good. I tried the brownie. Not so good.

Moral of the story? Cold cookies are better than cold brownies.