Friday, March 24, 2006

Sizing up the Enemy

I'm mildly amused to see The Corpse on my trolley this morning. Occasionally our schedules coincide on the ride home, but almost never on the way to work. I think he's a lawyer, and typically goes into the city earlier than me.

As always I take the first available seat on the left side of the trolley. The seats on the right face the back, and I'd rather look where I'm going. I sit down on a red and black vinyl bench seat and scoot to the window. I'm directly behind The Corpse and today he's having a hushed conversation with Sissy Spacek.

I call him 'The Corpse' because I wont have to go to his Viewing. In fact noone will, we already know what he will look like when he's laid out.

The Corspe's skin is this sickening translucent tallow color. Kind of waxy and shiny. His face is mostly expressionless, but I'm certain he wears a Sinister Grin when the office door is closed. Only his cloudy brown eyes dart about freely. My impression of him is that he is a man with a beneign, incompetant evil streak. The kind of guy who doesnt wash his hands after peeing...on purpose.

His sharp grey suit is covered by a cashmere overcoat and kakhi colored scarf. It's wrapped tightly around his neck to hide the bolts that secure his head.

Sissy Spacek is whispering to him so lowly that I cant even hear noise. Perhaps she is mouthing the words. The Corpse nods stiffly every 30 seconds or so. I wonder how old his is. Originally I thought he was in his late 40's but now that I am behind him, I see the now relaxed lines around his eyes and suspect BoTox. His hair is far to perfect to be real, I look for the weave seam. His face is COMPLETELY void of any beard shadow, like he's so old that all of the hair fell off his body.

I wonder what Sissy could be confiding in him. I wonder how they know each other. I have heard him brag to other guys how much easier it was for him to get women before his divorce. Is this his move? Perhaps he is planning on giving her phone number to telemarketers, or signing her up for unwanted magazine subscriptions. Does she know the evil patterns inscribed on his porcelan bones? The Danger?!?

Perhaps I should mind my own business and just go to work.....


groovygrrrl said...

OMG this was an awesome post!
I can't wait to find out more about these people... you really brought them alive.

StevieRF said...

But the corpse is dead!! How can he be alive?

groovygrrrl said...

okay that was figurative...
*smacks steve on the arm* you know what I mean!