Friday, March 31, 2006

New Tools for the Toolbox

Today I started to learn a new programming language. This is all really the first step to getting my next job. I used to pick up new tools constantly, in fact I was so proud to have the latest sharpest ones...and be the best with them.

But you get tired of being on the front line. Tired of staying ahead of everyone else. Now that I am in Management there's very little call for least here. I've gotten lazy.

So today starts the journey of 1000 miles.....


Anonymous said...

In management we have planes.
March on, Soldier. March on.

steakbellie said...

I'm not leaving Management

It's just the reality that on paper I'm unqualified for my position. This is a calculated resume backfill to make it an easier sell for the next place.

ArtieLange said...

You are mising the boat pal. School teachers and HR Directors want you to believe you need better skills for a better job. I don't believe it. What you need are new connections.

Why crap shoot through another job when you can network and be given the name of the winning horse beforehand?

steakbellie said...

i know what you say is true....but I see that as phase 2.