Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I'm having a BBQ

Mohamed ElBaradei
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All of you are welcome to come

I'm inviting Mohamed ElBaradei, and not because I want to be an uppity snob and talk about Nuclear Proliferation in the Middle East with the head of the International Atomic Energy Agencey...although I've been known to do so with a beer and Jart in hand.

Mostly I want to say things like:
"Mohamed ElBaradei,watch out for Dog Poop in the backyard"
"Mohamed ElBaradei, tell Mrs. ElBaradei that we loved the Potato Salad"
"Mohamed ElBaradei would you like Mustard on your Hotdog?"
"Mohamed ElBaradei, are you really choking or are you just being funny again?"


Katrocket said...


Your post reminds me of an episode of Family Guy where Peter declares himself the country of Petoria ( because the name "Peterland" was already taken by a gay bar near the airport), and throws a BBQ with Saddam Hussein, Slobodan Milosevic, Castro, Kim Jong-Il and Muammar Qaddafi (among others).

"no running near the pool, Ayatollah!"

Wendy said...

Very funny. (Do you really have a lot of dog poop in the yard - there are services that can help you with that like Bomb Squad and Clevens K9 Scoop)

steakbellie said...

My sons just got me into 'Family Guy''s AWESOME!!!!

steakbellie said...

Yeah, we own two large dogs, and well they eat alot....