Friday, February 24, 2006

The Ultimate Question

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Years ago I heard a great broadcast on 'This American Life' (Ira Glass). Since this show aired (I believe it's available to listen to for free on the web) I've had many in-depth philosophical conversations (although some were of questionable sobriety). It's a similar fantasy to what would you do if you won the lottery. Here's the question:

If you had a choice, what superpower would you choose: Invisibility or Flight, what would you do once you had it?

Id love to hear some of your opinions and I'll share mine when I complete my weekend of 'responsibility and celebration'...which means: Monday! (plus I wanna read your ideas first and steal the best one)

Dont be Shy!

i oscilate between the two.

In General, people chose flight, for good reasons, mostly they want to fly around like a bird and poop from the air. Pretty harmless motives. Thats the reasons I would do it too.

Invisibility tends to bring out our darker side though. Spying, Stealing, Fornicating. Voting for Bush

Despite the fact that I feel guilty about stealing pens, I would want invisibility so I could steal shit.

Not car radios or cd's but Robin Hood-like mischief. Ingots of gold and treasure from 'Skull and Bones' temple at Yale.

I'd make a checklist of all the celebrities I've seen naked. I'd check it twice.

I'd take an invisible poop and hide it in Kevin Federline's Ferrari.

During the Academy Awards, I'd switch the names of the winners. I'd whisper in the ears of the presenters while the cameras were on them so that they keep looking over their shoulders.

I'd hide Karl Rove's cellphone in Condolisa Rice's purse. Ten days in a row.

I would write 'Cheese Gives Me Gas' in huge letters in Fertilizer at Lambeau Field

I would fwd Dirty Jokes from Bill Gates personal computer.


Anonymous said...

Flight, definitely. That way I can go anywhere at anytime, see everything from above, and visit places/people that i normally wouldn't be able to. I'd visit my kid, my sister, my dad, friends, landmarks, countries... "I can run away and I can go to the ocean, I can go to the country, I can go to the mountains. I could go to Israel, Africa, Afghanistan."
Maybe not that last one...

groovygrrrl said...

maybe i'm just a sneaky so-n-so but I'd choose invisibility... not only would I be able to find out anything covertly but I'd look a lot thinner :)

Steve Caratzas said...

Flight. Years ago and had very frequent and amazing flying dreams. I miss them.

ArtieLange said...

I don't want to see my food being prepared in a restaraunt and I don't want to know what people say (or do) when they are alone (You sat on that whole roll of quarters, Mr. Steakbellie?).

I agree with anon. Flying is the way to go. No worrying about being stranded on a desert island, stuck in traffic, or anything like that.

Besides, then I can sing that old Sinatra standard, (singing) "Come fly with me, fly what is flying for..."

ArtieLange said...

It is ironic I would chose tghis given that I died in a plane crash in Canton, OH on August 2, 1979

Sangroncito said...

I'd choose to be invisible because I'm a voyeur at heart........

d.K. said...

And thanks for making me genuinely think like a kid again - it's been a while and it was fun! Cool idea.

fingers said...

If I couldn't be granted some kind of hybrid (being translucent, flying powers limted to 2000 feet and lower) then I guess I'd have to say invisibility. Nah! Who am I kidding? Flying for sure...but then...

Ah nuts! You are your stupid question. I've been wrangling with this one since I was 11.

BTW my favourite superhero when I was young was the Green Lantern. Followed closely by Batman, Ghost Rider, Wolverine and Cyclops (and yes, I know they hated each other).

steakbellie said...

i only collet Marvel as a kid.

GI Joe, Iron Man, XMEN, SpiderMan, and the Punisher. My all time favorite has got to be Daredevil. I love that he gets his ass kicked by regular hoodlums.....

Katrocket said...

Definitely invisibility. Oh just imagine it. The fun would never end!

I had plenty of evil reasons to want this before (yes, theiving was high on my list, as was groping), but you clinched it with the poop in Mr. Spears' Ferrari bit.

I ♥ Wolverine

steakbellie said...

I think you hit on something with the Groping. I'd probably do that, but I would never admit that here.

Also, can you imagine the awesome power of an invisible turd?!?! You could put it on someones seat and they would never know until they sat on it!!! You could throw it at people!!! You could hide it places!!!

Great point about what you DONT want to see. I already assume that my friends are plotting my demise, so I wouldnt want to be disappointed knowing that they spend their time doing 'freecell' instead.

I'm more interested in people I dont know. Ha! Isnt that funny?