Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Lunesta Seven Day Challenge

What the fuck are these people thinking? They actually have a commercial inviting people to take their perscription pills for seven days in a row.

Hello? A free packet of seven sleep pills that they hope you get addicted to and buy every month, should not be confused in any way with a contest or challenge.

It is not:
A pile of twenty HotDogs
5K worth of road
A Hot Chick in the corner
A twelve pack
2 books in 52 weeks

i hate hate hate drug comercials. Remember that stupid Celebrex Commercial with the old lady doing Tai Chi and the happy chorus singing "Celebrate! Celebrate!" and they forgot to mention that their pill had been killing people for years? I wish I could hop into that commercial today and kick that old lady's ass in her karate outfit. I'd punch her right in the nose and then rub dirt and grass in her hair while singing that 'Celebrate' song.

How unresponsible ARE these people? Now we have a sleeping pill challenge? Do I get a t-shirt? A Branded Cup to wash it down with? Will I be ranked amongst other sleeping pill competitors? Should somebody contact George Shea about creating the International Federation of Competitive Sleeping?

It's all been up the ass since they lifted the ban on Drug Commercials. Now everybody diagnoses themselves and tells the Doctor what the hell they want to take. "Ask your Doctor if an unexpected Heart Attack is for you" They'll NEVER take the commercials back now, too much money gets paid to the media and politicians.

I'll be stuck watching dick pill commercials till i actually need them......


Chris said...

Well, we kinda gave the inmates the keys to the asylum... Both houses of congress, the court system and the presidency ALL want big business to run unfettered through our lives, trampling on all us little guys. This is why we have Viagara commercials and $3 gas and NO alternatives.

d.K. said...

Damn. I (sadly) watch a lot of TV. I read your post at work today, and got home in time to see ABC Nightly News and consequently, commercials promoting Lunesta, Neulesta, Ambien (extended release which I assume cancels out the Lunesta ads), Levitra, and later some med to prevent osteoporosis and yet another to "actually shrink the prostate gland". Then I quit counting - Over and over again, and all of it in prime time. Curse you! I guess commercials just washed over me the past, because I never noticed the onslaught, but with your post in mind, I felt like I was standing bound and gagged in a game of dodge ball where I was being barraged by all these Big Pharma balls. And you're absolutely right, the result is that patient A goes to the hospital and informs the doctor of his disorder and then tells him what to prescribe for it. Man, with all that Money pouring through Madison Avenue, you know the tactic is working and profits are soaring. Very disturbing stuff - and a great post! Anger properly placed and exposing the most subtle kind of sleaze. Yuck.

Erik "the Red" Denmark said...

Hey Steakbellie. Dude, I was totally cracking up at work when I read this because it's fucking hilarious and so true.

Primetime for drug and medical related commercials and especially "old people" drugs is the "Price is Right". If you ever skip work one day and watch the "Price is Right" stick around for the commercials; they are all about heart attacks, scooters, funeral homes, life insurance, impotence, pain relievers and my favorite, diabetes supplies.

I am a diabetic and when I have to watch Wilford Brimley, Patti Labelle, and BB King - three grossly overweight and out of shape geriatrics trying to advise me on how to manage my diabetes, I want to throw insulin at the TV and scream profanities at the fucking retards at the drug companies who hired them to be the face of diabetes.

steakbellie said...

DK- Sorry if I ruined it for you wont be able to unnotice them! If it didnt make a real difference in sales they would have stopped after one quarter. It must be REALLY effective because they pump quite abit of cash into these commercials.

Erik- You're so right about daytime TV. I guess the ads are cheaper then and they can run them nonstop...f'ing annoying.

GOODLUCK this weekend. I soooo wish I could make it down to compete. The great thing is that it will be very close competition, and will totally come down to the very last burger. Even the difference between 2nd and 3rd could mean a trip to the finals. I'll be watching on the net!

Erik "the Red" Denmark said...

Thanks Steak. This weekend will be a battle but I like my chances in an alley fight, I am a good scrapper. It's too bad you couldn't get to another qualifier, I know 23 wasn't your best. Don't give up though man, it will click for you soon.