Monday, May 19, 2008

Your Questions Answered

The last post has brought about some questions about Competitive Eating.
"Can you train with Broccoli?"
Lots of eaters try to find something more helpful to train with. Boiled Cabbage is a classic example of a filling food that doesn't have alot of calories. Some of you might remember me training with Oatmeal a few years ago. I hit 10lbs at a time and hard some very harrowing experiences (to say the least) Hot Dogs however really must be used for a Hot Dog contest.

"Why did they change the contest from 12 to 10 minutes"
A lot of the Eaters were surprised by this. Most people had been practicing for weeks by the time it was posted. The IFOCE said it was to go back to the original contest in length in the 70's. I think the best guess was posted by CE SuperFan Rhonda Evans. She thinks the IFOCE was concerned about the Marketability of Competitive being damaged when former World #1 Kobayashi puked on National TV ESPN last 4th of July in the 11th minute. It's pretty rare for one of the pros to puke, I've never puked, so they get worried when the worlds best can push himself that far. That sounds feasible to me.

For those of you who are new to Competitive Eating here's a YouTube of me and my pal WingKong training for the wing Bowl. It's pretty funny.

Here's a Video of Me Qualifying for WingBowl the same year in the local radio studio. This is one of my favorite stunts:


ginger b said...

Helloooooo Hero!

Winter said...

Yuck! But kinda cool..

katrocket said...

I still love that Rocky video.

You guys should do a sequel. Hell, why not 5 more sequels?