Friday, May 30, 2008

we just got him another shelf because he has too many trophies

Man: You know I used to swim too.
Boy: Where you any good?
Man: No.
Boy: What was your best stroke.
Man: Breast Stroke, I wasnt bad at that.
Boy: How many medals did you win?
Man: None.
Boy: How many races did you win?
Man: None.


Boy: (frustrated) Didnt you play soccer too?
Man: Yup, for twelve years.
Boy: How many trophies do you have?
Man: None.
Boy: How many goals did you score?
Man: None.
Boy: (exasperated) You didnt score ANY goals in 12 years? Thats more years than I've been alive!
Man: Yup.

(silence, as boy eyes man trying to figure if he's being lied to)

Boy: Where you good at ANYTHING?


Woman: You take after Mommy, honey.
Man: Yup.


Radmila said...

Not on topic, but nevertheless...thanks for the comment on my painting.

I'm all like...not confident about them..thanks for commenting on one of them

katrocket said...

But their dad biked across the country! That's pretty impressive. My dad once walked across the living room to get another beer.

Chris said...

I laughed... Sorry.