Friday, May 23, 2008

Great Kid, Dont Get Cocky

Tomorrow is my first regular contest of the Competitive Eating Season. I'm trying to Qualify for the Nathans Hotdog Championships. You've got to WIN the Qualifier to make the Finals.

I ate my last meal, last night and will not eat again until noon tomorrow. My last meal was of course, Hot Dogs. It was a training run and despite the new shorter 10 minute limit, I ate more hotdogs than I've ever eaten. I'm not going to tell you how many, but it was ALOT. I felt GREAT afterwards. I was actually laughing, because there was still room. Room to improve.

Today I woke up pretty salty from all the sodium and it's a reminder of why I dont eat like this normally. Lots of water today to flush the bad from my body.

At lunch I ran along the River.
I raced a Freight Train.
I ran the Art Museum Steps and did the Rocky Dance at the Top, like every other asshole.
I ran to the Leif Erikson statue on the River.
My sweat was super salty and burned my eyes.

Tomorrow I'll be wearing my Kilt, and an AWESOME Han Solo Belt Buckle that was a gift from KatRocket. I'll even have my Wookie, Wing Kong competing with me. If you notice, I've started a list on the right side of the blog called "Shit That NeedsTto Get Done!" I have an opportunity to cross THREE things off that list in a single day!!!!

I'm prepared to suffer.
I'm prepared to Win!


Liz said...

good luck!!

JoRo said...

Kick some Jap ass!

Deanamo said...

Good luck, Steakbellie!!

Leonesse said...

Go, Steak, Go!!!!!

Wendy said...

I missed a day - so how'd it go! I bet you were awesome....tell all!