Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lace em up!

Saturday marks my first Athletic Event of the year. I had wanted to run the 10 Mile Broad Street Run, but got all scewed up with the surgery and all. So this is a humble 5K and I'm really not all that prepared. I'll finish easily but my time will be pretty horrendus. Oh well.

My sons are running this too. For the first time I expect all three of them to beat me. New Milestone in my decline.

The 14 year old can run a 5:21 Mile, and I will try my best to not have my time be DOUBLE his. Fat Chance.

The funny thing is that the run goes through my neighborhood and past my house. After paying for the four of us to run this Saturday through our own neighborhood, I pointed out that the race is free if we choose to run it on Sunday. No laughs. It's either not funny or nobody understands me anymore.

I'm considering running the Philly Marathon again this year, so if Saturday is successful (I dont die) then I might consider doing that mess to myself again.


Chris said...

You're far more ambitious than I.

When I was a 17-year-old punk kid in Basic Training I was able to do 100 pushups in 2 minutes, take a five minute break, do 100 situps in 2 minutes, take a five minute break, then run 2 miles in 11:40. (No kidding, I really did that. I'd worked in Cross Country for two years to beat the 12-minute mark, but never made it until I was getting chased by a pissed-off Drill Instructor.)

Now I wheeze if I sit up too fast. I had a dirty thought the other day and had to stop to rest. The only exercise I get is running my mouth and jumping to conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck in the 5k.

At least you'll probably beat my horrendous time. I'm far more out of shape than you.

The older I get, the better I was.

steakbellie said...

Damn Chris 100 pushups without stopping? Thats pretty awesome. I can actually do 30 in a row right now but it's taken me awhile to build up to that. Thats a pretty fast time too.

Payne, I love that line "The older I get, The better I was"