Thursday, May 15, 2008

Goto 10

Boy: You always make things up.
Man: Is this because you're jealous that I'm famous?
Boy: You're NOT famous.
Man: I'm in the Guniess Book of World Records. Thats Famous.
Boy: What for?
Man: I once stacked crayons really high. Higher than anyone.
Boy: No you didnt.
Man: I also made the Sweetest Jello ever once.
Boy: Thats not a record
Man: Sure it is. It was like really sweet.
Boy: You dont like sweet things!
Man: I know...but I made it anyway.
Boy: You always make things up.


Winter said...


ginger b said...

I had a comment, but Winter totally said it first...

Leonesse said...

Isn't that why we have kids? To mess with them?