Monday, May 05, 2008

If you build it they will eat

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I worked in my garden yesterday. I got the last of the cucumber plants in. My goal this year is to make pickles like my Mom used to make. I remember she had this big brown crock and the cucumbers sat in there will all kinds of smelly things and a Piece of Rye bread on top.

Best damn pickles I can remember ever eating.

I'm growing Brandy Boy Tomatoes (Big Pink Ones), Sweet Baby Girls (Cherry Tomatoes), Black Beauty Eggplant, Genovese Basil, Anaheim Hot Peppers, and Garlic Chives. I also have Spinach, which is probably my favorite food. I grew it 2 years ago and would go out at 6AM to pick some for breakfast. I'd heat it up in a cast Iron pan with Garlic, Olive Oil and Salt. That was an awesome breakfast.

I wasn't a good gardener last year and didn't spend much time caring for the plants or weeding. I didn't do a good job preparing the soil and the crop wasn't that great. It was better than 'store bought' but not as awesome as other years. I was apologetic when giving away the surplus. I wasn't proud of it so I didn't enjoy giving it away like I normally do.

If you spend a good amount of time on soil preparation, there's really not all that much more you need to do to have an awesome garden. I mixed in lots of Manure and grass clippings this year. I don't use weed killers and will use very little chemical fertilizers. My soil is well Aerated.

Last night I dreamt about gardening. It was a quiet slow dream and I watched myself create a second row of plants in the middle of my back yard. I tilled it, placed stones around the outside and put up a metal fence to keep those fucking dogs out. My hands were dusty brown in the dream.

I got up around 3 AM and took a piss.

When I went back to bed I had the exact same dream.

I really didn't mind, it's good to get your hands dirty. I like gardening because I think about my Mom. I think about my Dad when I mow the lawn. It's her birthday today so maybe thats part of the recurring dream.

In the dream I grew different types of colorful and textured lettuce in the new garden. Maybe it's a sign. Might not be too late.....


Skully said...

I have some basil and mint I want to plant this year and maybe some tomatoes. I just finished starting some four o' clocks in Jiffy pots in my kitchen. Maybe it's the late hour but I felt a little nervous trying to get the seeds in the little pods and it reminded me of when I was in kindergarden and they taught us to grow beans in milk cartons. I was always so desperate for mine to grow that I would dig them up before they reached the surface. I have since learned a thing or two about patience. :)

katrocket said...

It's too early to plant here in the north because we're still getting some morning frost, but I have also been dreaming of gardening lately.

I live in a high-rise, so I do my best with large container plants on my balcony, and I have already fertilized and prepped the containers for seeding in the coming weeks. It will be mostly herbs and flowers, but I'll have some cherry tomatoes, peppers, spring onions, and strawberries, too.

I can't wait!

Leonesse said...

You guys can all suck it.

I was planning out my garden and highly looking forward to it. I was even planning on trying to can some stuff this year. (LK did abit last year. Pears mostly.) Now, we are moving to the hotter than shit weather and it is too late to even try there.

I will miss walking out and slicing off the broccoli to steam for dinner. mmmmmm. My health improved so much after that garden. I seem to be highly sensitive to the chemicals in store food.

Lucky bastards, you.

steakbellie said...

Skully I am as impatient as you and probably got my seedlings in the ground a few weeks before it was truly safe. I'm really counting on Global Warming to extend my growing season.

Kat you could start something indoors for now. I had my seeds in my basement in February!

I'll be you could do some nice gardening with pots and move them in and out according to the weather. Not a perfect solution but better than nothing.

Mega Munch said...

Nothin better than homegrown grub.

Chris said...

When I first moved into my little house in the 'hood I was proud as could be. First thing I did was get out the mower and trimmer to go outside and Be A Responsible Homeowner. Most of the tiny yard was in great shape, but one corner was all weedy for some reason. It didn't dawn on me until my stomach was rumbling that I was mowing over an herb garden...

Dagmar and I don't garden, simply due to lack of time. I'm hoping once Dagmar has her operation and gets to feeling healthy again we can spend more time outdoors (right now I spend all my time working, and she spends half her time in bed too sick to do much).

Yesterday Dagmar went to buy our worthless cat some more million-dollar cat food for him to ignore, and bought me a hummingbird feeder to play with! I filled it with sugar water this morning and hung it up by the side door... We do birds instead of gardening. We have a couple bird feeders right by the door. Catch a couple finches with a net and sautee 'em up with butter -- HOO boy them's good eatin'! I'm really looking forward to the hummingbirds - I hear they taste like very tiny, slightly crunchy bluebirds. (Just kidding, just kidding. I'd never really eat 'em with butter, that's what olive oil is for.)

Wendy said...

Though I've never been a gardener, I really do understand what you describe and it sounds so focused and wonderful. And it's nice to have something that makes you think about your mom, yes? (plus it's nice to have a veggies and herbs to show for all your hard work!)