Monday, July 02, 2007


Most of the people who read this blog know that I live a double life as a Competitive Eater. I hope the stories have been entertaining and not too self serving or over-cooked. I hope it has been informative and not too disgusting.

This Fourth of July will be the Nathans Hotdog Championship and for the 91st straight year, it will go on without my participation. I failed to reach my goal of 20 HotDogs again this year, and I didnt outright win either of the Qualifiers I entered and had to sit-out my third chance for work related reasons. I'm ok with all of that, as this is a personal journey for me to see how hard I can push myself to reach my goals, and to meet so many interesting people.

I have 2 important Posts to write in the next 2 days.
1. You often hear me say how great the people are who do this. I have a story that proves it.
2. I will write a Primer for you for the contest that will be aired on at 12 noon on ESPN. I will include some incite into the likely winners, and some background of what I know about the other 15 people who will get much less face-time.


pirata segreto said...

Can't wait to read more!

Anonymous said...

You used the wrong word - incite is to encourage or egg know, like someone might incite a riot. Insight is like mental vision or seeing the true nature or underlying truth of things; as in having an insightful comment.

steakbellie said...

you are correct, and you are inciteful.

I've noticed that in the past year, when I have reread my stuff, I have made that type of error more often. To, Too, Two.....things as basic as that. More Stupier? Less Careful?