Thursday, July 05, 2007


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I have to tell you how humbled I am with Joey Chestnuts performance yesterday. Sixty-six Hotdogs and buns in twelve minutes is just unfathomable. We can all laugh because it's really just a guy eating Hotdogs, but I marvel at how the Human Mind and Body can be trained to perform such a feat.

I dont think I could COOK sixty-six Hotdogs without getting sick.

The show was pretty fun and Wing Kong and I had many laughs with my wife and sons during the pregame show. Some of my favorites:

A newly Clean-Cut 'Eater X' standing in from of the camera whistling. I mean who whistles anymore? Wing Kong on his new shave and haircut? "Looks like somebody has an interview on Thursday"

Tim Brown showing up to eat at the table wearing a suit!

During introductions, Crazy Legs Conti started pulling a ribbon from his mouth like a magic trick, and pulled a good 15ft out before he reached his spot at the table.

During introductions, Eater X held up a sign saying 'On the 7th Day God created Hartford' a referemce to his Qualifing City and probably his dedication to the now defunct Whalers Hockey Team. Pretty Tame stuff....until at the last second he flipped the sign over and it read 'hermonie dies...'. That of course is reference to the Harry Potter Finale and all the speculation that surrounds what will happen at the end. I was so caught off-guard that I laughed for several minutes thinking of 100,000 13-yearold girls screaming. Brilliant!

Humble Bob flashed his belly during the intros, teasing how some of the skinny Eaters like to show off their stomachs.

During the Ten-Second countdown to the begining ESPN, thosands of chanted 'Six, Five, Four...'at which point Pat Philnbin, the comic from Opie & Anthony (who is famous for Mugging at the crowd Three Stooges style DURING competitions) gets up and walks AWAY from the table as if he's oblivious...and not getting back to his plate moments after the contest started.

I had to get out of my chair for the contest, I was so nervous/excited.

In the first 60 seconds of a contest I can eat 5 HotDogs and Buns. I'm really proud of that. I go way down hill from there, but I had always assumed that Joey and Koby ate about 7 in the first minute. They each were above 10 in the first minute and Joey was at 20 at the 2 minute mark. WOW. Thats hard to imagine....

This was the first contest in which EVERYONE broke 20.

I think in the end it was pretty clear that Koby wasnt injured in any way as he added 10 HDB's to his total. He had a slight reversal at the end, and probably should have been DQ'd, but it's good for CE if he wasnt. It's bad for Pat Bertoletti though who only gets $2,500 for third as opposed to $5,000 for second.

Koby waited 6 years for someone to be able to eat as much as him, and now that he's been dethroned, I anticipate him to come roaring back for a rematch next year. That was really fun to watch, but the reality is that I would rather have been there competing. I dont mind losing, it would be an honor to lose to those guys!


Mega Munch said...

Yeah, great contest. I too was out of my chair and yelling at the TV ("Flip the card! They're tied!")

I saw X whistling too (check out the screen cap on my blog). I was grabbing another hot dog and beer during his Harry Potter spoiler, but I did hear Heather scream, "WHAT?! No he didn't just do that!" before she realized there was no way Tim Janus knows the outcome of the as-yet-unreleased Harry Potter book.

d.K. said...

This was big-time national news. I've only recently taken an interest since you turned me on to the whole thing. So, I scanned the article in the paper big time hoping for "Steakbellie" to jump out at me. Sound like you enjoyed the event, and a bit of history was made. Happy belated 4th, and the events it brings.

szg said...


I caught the replay last night. I gotta tell you, it made me sick.

There was nothing fun in that contest. Nathan's should be ashamed for desecrating hot dogs like that.

Smelmooo said...

I had a great time watching it...

Muh wife got sick watching it... but I loved it.. mostly because of your narratives and they made me "care" who won.

What made it even more fun this year waas that... it... was... in... HD!!!!!!!