Monday, July 09, 2007

End of a hot day

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I fall into the chair and you crawl into my lap and feel bad for me that I dont get the summer off. The sorrow is so genuine that it's sweet. I love that you can have compassion.

Your sun-bleached hair smells like the summers of my own youth.

Chlorine and Sunscreen.

It's so familiar, and rushes images of running barefoot in the grass and getting in trouble for cannonballing the shallow end. My feet got hard and smooth from standing on Blacktop.

Mom would pack sandwiches, and I'd get a bomb pop from the snack bar. I'm proud that you can have the same, and makes my long days worthwhile.


Mega Munch said...

Mmmmm...bomb pop. I'll take one of those vanilla ice cream pops with the strawberry or chocolate crumblies on the outside too.

Wendy said...

I love this post. I can see it and smell it and even taste it. Great writing.

Leonesse said...

My teens have played nighttime hide and seek in the xmas trees a few times this summer. It brought tears to my eyes. I remember doing that when I was a wee bugger and never thought I would see it for my kids. I guess you are never too old! Their shrieks and yells made my whole summer.

Amy said...

My daughter had "joy-juice" for the first time this summer. Its a combination of orange juice and lemonade - something a friend of my mother's would bring to the pool when we were younger! It was a "treat"... she loved it just like we all did! Isn't it great!

steakbellie said...

Yeah, Hide and Seek & Flashlight Tag were big for me! It's funny to see some of the same games get played again.

'Joy-Juice' Sounds pretty cool. The name might be half the magic!

LadyLenore said...

What a great post - I can SO see it! As a kid, we had the same kind of summer days. Lucky enough that mom was a stay-at-home, and we lived sun-drenched and happy.

Don't forget catching fireflies - that was a HUGE part of summer.