Monday, July 02, 2007

Striking a Chord

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Y'all remember a few posts ago, my sons bike was stolen on the last day of school. It was a terrible blow to him, as he had taken such good care of it, and had helped purchase it with his hard earned money. He really felt violated, this was something he treasured, and some stranger had stolen it. I was crushed for him.

A week after, things had begun to settle in the house. We had filled out a Police report, and were hopeful that by some miracle that would find his beautiful Blue Diamondback. Realistically we also started planning how we could get him a replacement for the Summer.

What we got was a Happy Ending, and we all learned something.

I'm going to mention some people that did a great thing. I don't do this to embarrass them, but to share with you readers this great story.

There is a phone message from our local bike shop. It's the owner, and he wants to talk to my son. My son is excited to call back, hoping that his bike has been found and returned to the bike shop (the local bike shop stamps all of his bikes with serial #'s and keeps them on file for just this purpose)

I talk to Frank first.
"Listen, I got a phone call from a man from some Eating Organization in New York City, He overnighted me a check to purchase a new bike for your son"
"No Shit."
"I thought he was kidding"
"Bring your Son down to pick out the bike"

What had happened, was that one of the two brothers that run the IFOCE, heard about the bike being stolen, and felt that he was in a position to help. More than just having empathy, he was called to action, and put together a fund in which several of the IFOCE organization staff, and some of the Eaters themselves donated cash, which the organization matched. The whole process and check was completed in a day.

Ch@rlie was stunned, and his voice cracked when he relayed the story. He couldn't figure out why a stranger would do something like this for him. My wife and I felt exactly the same. While we could replace the bicycle, we couldn't replace what was really stolen...his trust in mankind. These people did what I could not.

The bike that the IFOCE bought for him was the nicest Diamondback that the store carries. He got a new helmet (the original was stolen too) and the biggest, heaviest bike lock available. He stills marvels at what happened and how someone he doesnt know was moved by his story, I'm certain he will carry this act of kindness the rest of his life...I sure will.


Steve Caratzas said...

Absolutely beautiful.

God bless.

Liz said...

Oh my god, make me tear up! That is really an incredibly heartwarming story.

Mega Munch said...

Damn. Not much you can say about that. That's awesome man.

Gnightgirl said...

People can just take your breath away, can't they? This is great!

steakbellie said...

it was something that was just so very unexpected.

I think it was the only time I cried about something good, other than at the birth of my sons.

Smelmooo said...


Anonymous said...

i'll just say here that my car was stolen and see if Arnie (AICE) picks up on it.

Guess those IFOCE guys got a little good in 'em too.


Chris said...

WAY cool!

Nancy said...

It's stories like you son's that need to make headlines ... such a great way to restore faith in the goodness in people.

Indeed, the story will stay with your son and I am sure one day, when given the opportunity, he will pay it forward.

Leonesse said...

This made my day. Thank you for blogging it and thank the IFOCE for giving me warm fuzzies!

katrocket said...

wow, that's a perfect Hollywood ending to a bad situation. Awesome!!!

Wendy said...

OMG, I seriously have tears in my eyes. Thanks. It's so wonderful to hear such a great story. I love this.

Lady Lenore said...

I'm so glad this happened. IFOCE has some of the biggest-hearted people I've ever met, and I'm glad they were able to come together and do some real good. I'm proud to know them.

I hope your son's faith in people has been restored and that he's enjoying every moment with his new bike!

~ Melissa

edina monsoon said...

Gnightgirl send me here:) This is such a sweet story. So there are nice people out there still.