Friday, July 13, 2007

For those of you that believe everything happens for a reason (American Sonnet)

Always the signs:
I have stood in the corn at the 'Field of Dreams' in Iowa
and wrote 'Baseball is from Satan' in the Guestbook

Days later I biked to Chicago and sat with the Players Families
At Wrigley Field I saw the Cubs beat the Phillies

People always give me Baseball Tickets
And I always go, despite everything

God is sending me to the Phillies game tonight, Friday the 13th 2007
I am to bear witness to them as they earn their 10,000th loss
I dont even know who they are playing

This horrible game has been around long enough to achieve that?

I am Jonah about to be spit onto the beaches of Nineva
Finally, tonight I let them all know
What I really think of them

1 comment:

Mega Munch said...

How can you be so in love with American's second favorite pastime (gluttony) yet dislike our first favorite pastime (baseball) so much? Hot dogs and baseball...they go hand-in-hand!

I have to say, I'm really dissapointed in this side you, Eric.