Thursday, June 28, 2007

Shit Flows Down Hill

Originally uploaded by steakbellie.

We are soaked in sweat, enough to wring out. It's my sons first show, and I'm proud to be here with him. I didnt know we were allowed to like the same music, seems wrong in some way.

Some roundish twenty-something guy in black keeps pushing him...Just because he can
I squint my eyes and flash my gritted teeth, watching. He pushes him again, and I cross the pit in two strides and drive my shoulder into his chest with all my weight.

He doesnt even bother to hit back just sort of shrinks backwards into the crowd.

There's always somebody looking out for you....


Mega Munch said...

Rock on old man. Sadly, my moshing days are way behind me.

steakbellie said...

I had forgotten how freaking violent it can be in there. Some of these guys are completely wacked.

Felt really good to expend that kind of energy though.

Philly Guy said...

HAHA Dave's realizing his age. I might run into you at Coney, my friends want to go.

d.K. said...

That's just exactly what dads are for... Lucky your kid has one. Good for you.


Totally unrelated, but that experience you talked about sometime back, when the photographer was inconsiderately keeping everyone waiting, and you described that black panther caged and annoyed, it was perfect analogy. I didn't comment, but I've come back and have re-read that accounting a couple of times -- I love it.

Chris said...

I wanna go punch someone now. I don't know why. Would it make me feel better? Or would I just hurt my knuckles?

steakbellie said...

i have to admit, some days I wish ALL of my interactions were like this.....felt really good and I didnt hurt til the next day!