Friday, June 15, 2007

Fathers Day (American Sonnet)

My Dad had a physical, if not violent childhood
He never once hit me but I still learned Right from Wrong

I remember being disappointed to find out he wasnt in Vietnam
I'm laughing at how stupid and naive I was

My Dad didnt go to Woodstock or Love-Ins in his twenties
He was busy working to put himself through College

There were no drunken Sunday afternoons for him later
We went to Church and then mowed the lawn together

My Dad was a Chemist
He taught me how to change the oil and how to make a pipe-bomb

He says he regrets working so much when we were young
but I understand the drive to provide, now that I am a father too

My Dad always found something nice to say to me and told me he loved me
It made a difference, Thanks Dad


d.K. said...

You were/are lucky indeed. And even more fortunate that you realize it.

Leonesse said...

Thank you, Steak. That is beautiful.

I had a hard life. But I always knew my daddy loved me. That helped a lot.

Happy Fathers Day. Enjoy every minute, because they just don't stay young.

Todd "The Butler" Yeates said...

That's awesome!