Wednesday, April 23, 2008

PA's Appology to the World

I'm sorry we couldnt end this god-aweful nomination process. Did you see that stupid Debate? I watched for an hour and they didnt ask them a single question on their policies. This is what they should have asked:

Whats your plan to fix The Iraq Occupation?
Whats your plan to fix the Economy?
Whats your plan to fix Education?
Whats your plan to fix The Environment?
Whats your plan to fix The Engery Policy?
Whats your plan to fix our Position as a Global Leader in ANYTHING?

It's unbelievable how much has been screwed up and needing fixing because of bush.

I'm so frustrated. McCain would be OK if he wasnt so Pro-War. I dont agree with him on every front, but I do respect him. I cant vote for more war however, as this Occupation HAS to be stopped in 4 years when my oldest turns 18. We'll be out of able soldiers by then and drafting bigtime. I doubt the bush twins will be drafted.

Hilary is ok. Plenty of people feel threatened by her but I think she could still win and I like that she has Bill in the stable. I think the Reps want to face Obama however. They know that there are alot of White People that wont vote for a Black Man as President no matter what. These same white people would shit themselves if they realized Jesus was Black.

Why must I share my polluted air with so many pieces of shit?


Leonesse said...

I didn't see it. Don't want to see it. It is all a circus. I am, however, amazed that they spend that much money on a debate and don't ask the REAL questions. WTH???

Chris said...

I was hoping Obama would do better... McCain scares me -- we can't afford four more years of the Bush administration. Clinton is qualified, but she owes a lot of people a lot of favors, and the Republicans foam at the mouth every time you mention her name. In my opinion, Obama is the best of the three...

I have to admit, my respect for George Snuffaluffagus and Charlie Gibson has dropped considerably after seeing clips of the debate.