Monday, April 21, 2008

On the El

On the El
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The stainless steel train car is packed with maybe 50 people headed west, away from Center City Philadelphia. All of the seats are taken, so I am standing in the crowded aisle reading with one hand gripped on a bar above me. The book is about a boy that starved to death in Alaska.

A fat woman in all Red clothing enters the train car at one end and works her way to the back door. For her to squeeze past me, I have to stick my ass in some poor seated commuters face.

The fat woman in Red is handing out printed 5x7 cards. The paper is Manila. The ink is Black. I cannot see any recognizable logos. I wonder what it is about.

The fat woman hands out 49 cards. I was not offered a card. I am the only white man in this car.

We remain divided.


Anonymous said...

You didn't sneak a peak over someone's shoulder?

Starved in Alaska.
Do you mean "Into the Wild"? I just read that book.

steakbellie said...

yeah, I'm just finishing it now. Pretty good!