Friday, April 04, 2008

Can you hear THAT inside the bubble?

George W Bush recently got booed throwing the first pitch out for the Washington Nationals Baseball Team. Considering that a high percentage of people who can afford to go to baseball games are affluent white males (W's Sweetspot)it just shows you how far down this guy has fallen in our view as a whole.

I have been diametrically opposed to just about everything that has come out of this Administration, but even I am surprised that he got booed. This is Washington DC, and it's the President of the US. Thank God people are starting to see who he really is.

Cant we just elect somebody today and have them start on Monday? There's just so much damage to fix it sucks to have to wait almost a year to start.


Chris said...

I keep wondering how much more damage will be done by the time he leaves office. I'm also REAL nervous waiting for their next move -- will they suddenly find Osama bin Laden right before the election? Will there be a widely publicized foiled terrorist plot against the U.S., the implication being that Democrats somehow wouldn't be able to handle it? What are they going to do?

katrocket said...

I'm convinced he wanted to be President just for the cool free jackets.

Leonesse said...

Didn't I hear that he had never left the US or something like that? Who the hell thought THAT was a good person to vote for?