Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On Eating

In Defense of Food
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* I control 10 meals a week. Monday - Friday, Breakfast and Lunch are completely up to me. For the last 2 months I've eaten nothing but vegetables during these meals. I'm not against Meat, I'm against all the refined crap that is in my diet. I'm convinced it's poison.

For those 10 meals I dont eat anything with transfats, modified corn syrup, white flour, sugars, preservatives, or chemicals. I dont eats anything that has more than 5 ingredients. It helps alot that I have a Trader Joe's a few blocks away. On Mondays I buy a big of groceries and put it in the fridge. It's mostly raw vegetables and not much fruit. TJ's has alot of prepared Middle Eatern salads that fit my requirements. I DONT count calories and allow myself to eat as much as I want.

I guess my thinking is that if I add a significant amount more vegetables to my diet, it will balance out the other meals that arent so good. I'm a sucker for pizza. The good thing is that I havent had any problem sticking with it, although I feel kinda weird when people see me Microwaving a pile of potatos in the work lunchroom. Whole Food is a foreign concept in the Work Lunchrooms of America.

The good news is that I lost a few lbs and some pants size and it has stayed off despite my weekends. It takes some planning, but it very doable.

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* The Iternational Federation of Competive Eaters just released their updated rankings. They typically update in the Fall (after the Krystal Burger Finals) and in the Early Summer (just after the Nathans Hot Dog Finals on July 4th). The IFOCE didnt do a fall update, and I assume this latest update is to reflect the eating [erformances of the end of last year.

I have been bumped up from 21st to 18th. I did well in Vegas and had a pretty good showing at Krystal Burgers eating 31. I also ate 6.5 lbs of Ramen Noodles in a contest sponsored by Nintendo in December. I dont think I mentioned that on this site. The FUNNY thing was that the contest was in the same building I used to work in Manhattan. 10 Rockefeller Plaza. I loved that place but never imagined I'd make my triumphant return using a pair of chopsticks! (ChopSticks were required in the contest!)

There's alot of excitement for this years Nathans Contest. You may remember my attempts to do 'The Duece' (eating 20 Hot Dogs and Buns in 12 minutes)In the last 2 years I struggled and failed to meet that mark. I will be competiting at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia on Memorial day for the Philly Nathans Qualifier. While I dont anticipate winning that particular contest, I will finally put the Duece to bed on my home turf. I've signed up for some other Nathans qualifiers and if I get in, I may be able to win one of those.

Major League Eating (the other name for the IFOCE) doesnt have room anymore for a top 20 Eater that cant eat 20 Hotdogs. The issue is resolved in my head, now just has to be resolved in my stomach.

MLE-Wii Game
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* Nintendo is releasing a Wii Game about Competitive Eating! It's crazy, but I didnt make this up. It will actually be DOWNLOADABLE to your Wii over the wireless connection in a few months. My guess it will be half the price of a regular game. The game features actual eaters from the circuit! I didnt make it onto the game, but I cant WAIT to play this!!! I'll upload some demo pictures if I can find them! Can you imagine how cool it is for these guys to be IN a game??? I love this sport!


Chris said...

You may very well be the coolest friend I have that I've never met.

Leonesse said...

Yay for 18!!!

And we are trying the same thing with the nasty foods. My biggie is my soda (caffeine) in the morning.

I miss Trader Joe's.

jason said...

Eric-i may 2000 miles away now, but I am staying in touch with your world via the blog. The last 2 posts (pa politics and food) may be thetwo most logical and sane things I have read here. Keep it up. Julia said she is proud of you(foodn she read the book too). From the taxidermy state, jason

Ps that dude chris is delusional and he is lucky he hasn't met you.

katrocket said...

good for you, SB - keep up the good work.

steakbellie said...

Some close friends like Jason might agree that my appearance of coolness is inversely related to how close you are to me at the time.

Soda is poison, Leonesse. You should be having a beer in the morning! Steakbellie's Orders.

Rock On Kat!

U.S. MALE said...

We have something in common SB. I put a piece of lettuce on my 4 burgers tonight and ate some peas. Last night I put mushrooms on one of my large pizzas and green peppers on the other. I am all about eating healthy. Rock on!!!!

Mega Munch said...

Good for you on the whole foods diet. I USED to eat healthy stuff for dinner (cereal and crap for lunch), but since I've turned single again I've adopted an All-Crap menu and upped the beer intake. Somehow I haven't ballooned to 200+ but I'm sure my insides are slowly deteriorating.

Matthes said...

Congrats on breaking the top 20, my man. They should have had you on the Mike & Mike "Feast on the First" today (3 minute boneless Buffalo Wild Wing contest, if you hadn't heard.) I'm sure you could have made the quick Philly-Bristol jaunt. Can't quibble with Eater X and Crazy Legs, but why put the #25 eater on when they could have had #18 and much more personality to boot?