Monday, April 28, 2008


My 11 year old son’s favorite color is black. I know this because it has always been black. While other kids liked pink or blue or yellow. Ch@rlie has liked black since he could say it. He never wavered. He's stubborn like some of his parents. He's a middle child.

I love color. I love it so much I could call it Colour, but I wont, because that would be sickening.

I like to look at Red.

My wife likes yellow.

I could never get enough of Ch@rlie liking Black. I’d take him to BBQ's and when some know-it-all-kid/Parent combo tried to wow the crowd by counting to ten in Spanish, I'd have Ch@rlie announce his favorite color while pumping the beer keg for me. I could feel the jealous marveling of the other Dad's and felt cooler than the kids in Denim Jackets who used to smoke cigarettes on the bus platform. My boy was only four or so at the time. How proud am I?

So a few weeks ago I asked him what his favorite color was. I hadnt asked him in years and wanted a reminder of why I love this guy. “Green”, he said. What the hell is that?



Wendy said...

Maybe it's a really dark forest green?

Leonesse said...

My favorite color has been black since I was about 12. Maybe he will revert back. And there is always that pumping the keg thing...

Winter said...

Ha! I too love me some black, oh wait we aren't talking about men?

Mega Munch said...

Green's not so bad. He could have said "burnt sienna" or "mother of pearl".

Steve Caratzas said...

Pumping the beer keg for you?

What the hell is that?