Thursday, February 28, 2008

then a lifetime (American Sonnet)

until I saw your face
I had completely forgotten the time we went through
the same thing


hollow, clenched days trying to work and pretend

nights in a blue vinyl chair
in a green tiled room, still pretending

waiting for the end of what you know life to be

it's funny how fast things can change in an unfunny way
we were given minutes to prepare, then hours, then days, then weeks

you'd settle for miserable any-things and be GRATEFUL
given the alternative

I didn't anticipate or deserve
A Miracle


The Big F'n Show said...

Dude, check out my new blog - you inspired me.

Wendy said...

That's beautiful, Steakbellie.

katrocket said...

Really, really good stuff.

For real.

steakbellie said...

it's mostly based on horror though...