Tuesday, February 05, 2008

MLE Chowdown Championships!

Well it's posted if you missed it on SPIKE. They just played this during the Superbowl halftime this week. Wing Kong and I get plenty of coverage in this one in the first few minutes. It's only 23 minutes total.

The greatest honor is given to Wing Kong and I when announcer, Crazy Legs Conti describes us as the 'Haim and Feldman' of Competitive Eating. What better could he say?????

Thanks KatRocket, Matthes, and Chris for catching it Live!

And THANKYOU Artie Lange!!!!!!!


ArtieLange said...

Hey you rat bastard. I watched it live, too. I want some acknowledgement. Say something nice about me!

katrocket said...

I'll say something nice about Artie:

I had a dream about you once. You were in that cupid outfit and I asked you for directions. You were really nice to me. I miss you with all my heart. I mean that, man.

SB: You and WingKong rocked that table! My entourage and I thank you for 23 minutes of solid entertainment value!