Sunday, February 03, 2008


for the few of you that need news before the freshness dating lapses: I didn't win WingBowl. Hell, I didn't even make the second round let alone win it. Not even close.

I ate the best first round of my 3 years, but it wasnt enough. Improving by 6 or 8 wings a year wont keep you ahead of a surging talent pool like we have in Major League Eating right now.

I had spent alot of time in the last couple months strengthening my jaw for this and THAT was successful. I bit through bones during the contest and it never got sore like in previous years. I was super-clean with my wings. Maybe too clean? My strategy was to be super-clean so maybe thats the flaw. I was 6 wings away from 80 wings when the first 14 minutes ran out.....I wasn't full. I wasn't done.

The great Wing Kong has said "I didn't get beat, I just ran out of time" and maybe that applies here. Good News? Wing Kong, had a final first round count of 80 and went on to eat 121 or so by the end of the second. I know how bad he wanted that second round appearance and he put the time into training to get it. It's awesome news!!

The float is another story, and that you will have to wait a couple days on. We were in a 3 way tie for first and somehow didn't win a damn thing. THATS a Crime that I will tell in my crime story blog. We looked good. We looked f'ing great.

Overall it was a BLAST and I got to see some of my good friends from across the country. We ate alot of wings for free, and had a few beers toboot.

I was looking forward to the end, but now I'm sad it's gone. I still see those last six wings.


katrocket said...

I'm with are the wind beneath MY wings.

Chris said...

I absolutely love the fact that as soon as you're done saying, "I'm sad I lost," you get right into saying, "but I'm so happy for the guy who won!" Your joy for others' accomplishments sets you apart -- you don't get bitter or gloomy or tear yourself apart but rather you see the good side of things through others' eyes.

You're a good man, Steakbellie. I'm glad I cyber-know you.

I'm way curious about the float thing now! (I didn't get to listen along to Wing Bowl this year, sadly, so I have no idea what happened.)

Matthes said...

You may not have won, but you ate 74 freaking wings in 14 minutes. No matter what, there aren't many people in the world that can do thatt, and that's something in and of itself.

Leonesse said...

You were there! You did it! That is sometimes enough!