Monday, February 11, 2008


The Oldest
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My oldest son, C@leb, is the most committed to the sport. He runs and works out specifically to be better at wrestling. He intends to wrestle in High School next year, and occassionally gets called up to practice with the High School despite that he is only in 8th Grade.

It's really fun for me to talk with him about the sport, as he puts alot of thought into what moves he should be perfecting in practice, and which coaches should he be getting training from.

C@leb prefers tougher opponents and loves to be tested under pressure, and hopes to go to Nationals this year!
He's 13 and 125lbs


Matthes said...

What are your boys' records? Pretty cool that all 3 of them are into it.

I wish you could have been in my dorm room at Rutgers back in '89 when after 2 bottles of Jack Daniel's, 119 pound Al Ybasco pinned 245 pound Ray Patella in 92 seconds in the student lounge. It was a great moment in dorm sports history.

steakbellie said...

Off the top of my head I could say that the oldest is 25-7 or so, but he wrestles for 2 teams right now and some of those 7 loses were against the same opponents.

The middle is probably 14-8

And the baby is maybe 20-10

Ybasco was never afraid of anyone. I remember him weighing 100lbs or less going after big Tom Battle who must have been 220+ at the time. What ever happened to him?

Matthes said...

Not sure, I haven't spoken to him since the mid-90s. I'm sure he's a doctor by now, since I wasn't around to destroy his collegiate career after freshman year. That little peckerhead cracked one of my ribs one night wrestling in the dorm - I was kicking his ass too, up until that point. Hit the doorknob too hard - damn, that hurt.