Saturday, February 16, 2008

Frank Lloyd Wright of the Fork and Spoon

have a beer and catch up with me

So for Valentines Day my wife and I waited till sat night to go out, so we could have some time and enjoy ourselves.

Fortunately, our very favorite place is cheap and fun and SOOOOOO good. It's sort of like having dinner at your best friends house, assuming he was the best Italian chef ever that chose the meal according to what was available that morning at the Italian Market.

So apparently I've been drinkng and my wife asked me what a friends house looked like.

As dinner was cleared, I gathered every soon fork and clam fork available and built a floorplan using those on our 2 top.

Now I've been reading architectural drawings and elevations for 10 years so for me to express myself with silverware seemed pretty acceptable to me.

to my wife and waitress and everyone else present I'm sorry if it didnt make sense to you. It was good. I'm pretty sure.


katrocket said...

As a visual thinker I can certainly appreciate your silverware expressions. Well played, SB.

Anonymous said...

as a former visual thinker, i have no clue what your talking about. i guess i'd have to be half lit like you to understand. Jason