Monday, July 07, 2008

Day 3

Rode in again this morning, in a light rain. Whenever I see obstacles that would keep me from riding like rain or lack of properly padded bike short, I echo 'no matter what' in my head and proceed with a sigh. There was no coffee this morning either. 'no matter what'

Having 4 days off of work made this ride easy. I played in the sun with my kids and had a refreshing break. I ran a few times. I ate and drank alot.

I also had a chance to get my bike fixed. There were some issues with the bearings in the cranks as they have worn out from time and mileage. The mechanic marvelled at my chain and said he hadnt seen one so worn.

New Bearings, New Chain, New Cassette (my 3rd?), New Spedometer (havent riden with one for a few years) and the bike feels wonderful. No more noise front the bottom bracket and it feels far more stiff on the climbs.

This week with be the test of my motor however. 5 days of commuting by bike equal 100 Miles. If I dont find my shorts soon my ass is gonna hurt quite abit.

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