Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Day 1

I'm pledging to ride my bike to work every day for the month of July. I almost bagged it this morning on the very first day when I couldnt find my bike shorts. My own fault for not getting my shit together last night. I'm not going to buy a Train ticket this month, so I dont have alot of choice if it's raining or hot.

It's about 10 miles each way, and there's a shower in the gym in my building.

Get on the bike and ride, fatso.


Anonymous said...

1. I wish I only lived 10 miles from work. (about 35)

2. I wish my building had a gym and shower. (then I could work out before or after work)

3. I also made a July 1st pledge to myself, and got the hell out of bed early and went to the gym.

4. I need to get my bike fixed.
Good Luck Steak!

ginger b said...

@ payne...

You know, there is something to be said about the good ole' Prarie Shower.

Don't let a little thing like stinking up the cubicle farm get in the way of your 9-5 work outs. I mean, c'mon....you're getting PAID to do it!

steakbellie said...

Bike to work Once a week! That would be an awesome day!