Friday, October 05, 2007


I'm a complete lunatic today, but I need you to do me a favor. I know you dont owe me a favore ESPECIALLY after I havent finished the Jalapeno Post (it's half written, half in my head, all spicy). But I swear in the next couple of days it will all make sense where I've been and why I havent had time to post.

So here's the thing I need you to do. I need you say this fact if you can sneak it into a conversation it's even better:

"I need to Eat at Least 30 Hamburgers this Weekend To Keep From Embarrassing Myself"

Are you smiling? It's Silly...RIGHT? Well thats my life. I need to eat at least 30 Hamburgers this weekend to keep from embarrassing myself. I'm totally serious. I'm flying down to Perry Georgia with Wing Kong to compete in a qualifier for the World Hamburger Championship on ESPN. 30 Hamburgers in 8 minutes?

You'll remember last year, Wing Kong and I flew down to Memphis and I only ate 23...boy THOSE were the simple days huh?

Krystal Burgers really runs the best competition on the circuit. They treat you like a million dollars, and they take extraordinary measures to ensure that the contest is fair. Every eater I know really appreciates their efforts.

So if you're interested in reading about the contest go here:

If you're interested in reading about my results on Sunday and not waiting for me to post them when I get a chance go here:

If you'd like the results texted to you right after the contest go here:

Or if you want to watch it on their webcam (not sure if it's working though)

I've been training my ass off since I got back from Chicago, and I intend to make you all proud....

So believe me when I tell you this...this isnt even the biggest announcement I have to make! Not even close!!!


Chris said...

Way cool!

Leonesse said...

I am a luddite w/computer that doesn't have texting enabled on my phone.

This has no times that I could find. What time should we be watching!

Go Steak GO!!!

Leonesse said...

No webcam. No stats. Darn.

Anonymous said...

Second place! Congratulations!