Wednesday, October 10, 2007

ok, so I've been drinking but it's Vegas right?

Today (well actually's 3am) I did alot of video and interviews for the contest. I told the truth and made things up that sounded funny. I talked for 40 minutes and I expect maybe only 2 or 3 lines to make it into the final show.

We then did a walkthough of the contest for the camera guys. They have built a HUGE beautiful studio stage in the middle of Freemont Street and that is our home fo rthe next three days. We are staing at the 4 Queens which is immediatley located.

There's some bitching in the CE community of who got chosen to attend. I'm 36 now and cant make excuses for anyone else. It's likely that I will be dead in weeks, so I cant pass up this opportunity thats been handed to me. If it's not weeks, it might be years or decades...but I decided 2 years ago not to wait on life, and I wont.

That being said, I have a responsibility to try my hardest, and you can bet your ass that I brought it all to the table tonight. I will write a full explantation of this contest, but I dont feel it's appropriate to release the details until the sponsor airs this first show on SPIKE on Oct 18 "Wedges & Wings"

It truly was an all-star cast, and what I can tell you is that today I ate to the best of my ability. I had no mechanical problems and avoided my most problematic issues (chipmunking halfway through). I ate for 8 minutes straight for the second time in a week, and I'm finally happy with myself as an eater. I feel like I'm finally filling some of the basic requirements that a 'pro' should have.

Greater, is the relationaships that I've allowed to grow here. People I didnt know or understand, are now friends...friends, now I can rejoice in there acomplishments or feel for them in their failures. We talk over beers, first about Eating, but always, always it spills into the bigger issues of life. The hurt, the love, the laughter. Two tough-acting sweethearts trying to decide on the best dunking solution for a particular food. We all hide behind something.

My wife is ablessing for me in these things as she cares for these friends too, and can share the empathy. She likes CE because I like it, and that just rocks. She's here by my side, and she's the only voice I can here cutting through the crowd. "Eat Faster!" I heard it! I Did!

All of you have been so sweet in your support of this adventure and I look forward to telling you all of the details as soon as I feel comfortable.

I have 2 more contests in the next 2 days. We're all on a journey out here and I'm ok with everthing if this is a learning experience.

Allen Ginsburg once said this to Jack Kerouac:
You’ll all go flying to the West Coast and come staggering back in search of your stone.
Surely we should, and if we're awake, we will

Say something nice to somebody; instead.....


Liz said...

So awesome. You deserve this!

INVADER said...

Steak, after reading a post like this, I have nothing but hope that you literally clear the tables. Honestly, if you didn't drink in Vegas I'd be ahamed of you! Justify it as pre-contest 'water' training.

Wild Bill said...


I've gathered from the various reports most of the eaters that are there:

Joey Chestnut
Pat Bertoletti
Bob Shoudt
Juliet Lee
Allen Goldstein
Hall Hunt
Rich LeFevre
Tim Brown
Erik Denmark
Tim Janus

Who are the other three?

Philly Guy said...


Pat from Moonachie said...

NOT me!;)

.. Great job Steak, I don't blame any eater for taking advantage of this opportunity, I would!

Philly Guy said...

Don't be a stranger feel free to call me with some updates. The mystery is killing me.

sangroncito said...

boa sorte! (good luck!)

the bun fairy said...

Steakbellie, Thank you for reminding all of us what life is really about. While, you might be drunk, you mention those things that truly matter. (Eat lots of chicken wings?) No, truly, the entire competitive eating community should heed your words of wisdom and kindness.

I bless you with the powers of my wiener wand.

katrocket said...

All this excitement couldn't have happened to a nicer (or more appreciative) guy. I'm sooooo happy that your wife gets to enjoy the show front and center as well! I look forward to watching, and reading more stories.

Leonesse said...

Post more soon! We are anxious to see how it all goes.

Mega Munch said...

Hell yeah man. You deserved a spot at that table. Enjoy it! Can't wait to hear more about it and see pics. (you are getting pics aren't you?)

Hall "Hoover" Hunt said...

Hey Steak! It was so good getting to talk to you. You are an awesome guy with a great heart...and stomach!

Leonesse said...

This better not be one of those What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas kinda things...

steakbellie said...

What an amazing week. This was a really sappy post, but you get the idea of the love between everybody. There were some incredible performances this week and I am superproud of show 1 and 3. (#2 not so much)

With the Krystal Burger Competition on Sunday, I competed in 4 contests in 5 days. I dont recommend that in general, although by only eating for 8 minutes a day, I lost 9 pounds!