Friday, October 31, 2008

The Phillies Parade

Crowd Building before parade
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The Parade starts right in front of my building at noon. I'm expecting a complete madhouse today. The wife and kids are coming in to watch

8:03 Getting off the subway and people are ALREADY lined up against the barricades and cheering the buses going by. They are 4 hours early.

8:53 getting louder and louder out there. Cars laying on the horn, crowds cheering

Police Escort
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9:30 Minimum 2 Deep against the barricades with Thousands milling about behind them. My wife and kids cant get a train...they're all full!!!

10:14 Wife and kids finally crammed onto train. She held up the phone as the passengers roared 'LETS GO PHILLIES'

10:33 this is getting ridiculous.....

The Philly Phanatic
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10:41 Someone has a monstrous music system playing queens ‘we are the champions’ and THOUSASNDS of people are singing along right now.

10:47 A column of 50+ Police Vehicles with full sirens is passing

11:04 Police have closed Market Steet to Traffic

11:25 I am headed down into the fray soon

Phillys Win!
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1:13 that was completely insane. cell phones arent working in the city so i couldnt twitter it, hundreds of thousands packed the streets for the parade. Tickertape pouring down from the skyscrapers. A see of drunk Phillies Fans in red.

Yo Philly!
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After the Phillies parade
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Leonesse said...

I specifically ordered an asteroid to hit the celebrations. I am calling GOD right now!

wv= fecketi

HA! FECK is LK's g-rated cuss word.

ginger b said...

I don't know if its your camera or your eye or both. Either way I have to say again, I really enjoy your photos.

steakbellie said...

The secret to Photography, if you dont have a nice camera, is to take alot of fucking pictures. If you take 100 pictures you will get 2 or 3 awesome ones.

If you want 6 awesome pictures you're going to HAVE to take 200 photos.