Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Baked Bean World Record 84oz in 58 seconds - Wing Kong

He ate TWO of these suckers!
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This was just amazing. There was a ton of photos and video verifying the weighing and then the eating.

The Pork & Bean Record stood for 4 years. It's a very odd quantity because it was originally sponsored by 84 Lumber. They had the Eaters eat 84oz of Pork and Beans (around 5.2lbs!) and the first person to finish the bowl won the contest. Thats different than most contests today that have a standard time of 8 minutes and the Eaters eat as much as they can in that time. Some great names of Competitive Eating took part in this contest and the best time ever recorded was a minute and 22 seconds.

Now everybody loves them some beans, so it's a highly respected food in this country. Think of the amazing power they have over your gastric processes and yet you continue to come back for more! If Potato Chips made you fart like a dragon, you probably wouldnt eat them as often as you do baked beans.

I think what makes this stunt so difficult is:
1. You have to be able to hold 5+ lbs of food
2. You have to also be able to swallow without chewing
3. You have to have a wife that will put up with your stupid ass when you do some crazy shit like eat 5lbs of Pork and Beans.

While some eaters have one or two of these traits, Wing Kong has a fine balance of all three. He first discovered his ability a few years ago when he ate a few lbs of them to get into Wing Bowl. I think back then he realized he actually had a chance to break the record.

A few months ago Wing Kong contacted the Preston & Steve show on a whim to see if they would go for him breaking the stunt on the air. The guys at the radio station could sense the potential for collossal failure and good radio and signed him up.

Because we are contracted by the IFOCE, Kong had to get special permission to do the stunt on the air. The biggest concern is safety and we had to hire an EMT to be present while Micah ate the beans. Choking to Death while eating Beans is comical and good for radio, but bad for breaking a world record.

Empty Pork & Bean Bowl
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The folks at the Preston & Steve were very accomodating and helpful. They were truly fascinated that a person could actually eat that much food at once and were rooting for him. They actually run the most organized and professional studio I've been in.

Having seen Wing Kong do the stunt several times in the months prior, I knew that everything hinged on his swallowing rythem. He would need to get the bulk of the beans down in the first 20 seconds and be careful not to swallow too much air in the process. An airbubble in the stomach would cause a burp that could interupt his attempt.

Not only did he break the record, but he crushed it finishing the whole amount in only 58 Seconds!!! has a podcast posted of the entire show.
you want the podcast of 10/08/08

There is also a YouTube Video of his stunt
It's worth seeing.


katrocket said...

Nicely done, Micah!

Melissa said...

Congratulations! I missed the live broadcast, but will look for the podcast. Way to go!!!

Leonesse said...

58 seconds? This just amazes me.

Anonymous said...


Dale Boone

Gnightgirl said...

Did his wife make him sleep on the couch that night?

Wing Kong said...

thank you to all...especially steakbellie for making it happen on the ifoce end of things...