Friday, October 17, 2008

Philadelphia 3-Day Walk!

My wife has started her 3-Day walk for Breast Cancer! It's a 60 mile walk to raise money and awareness in the Philadelphia Area. Also walking with her is Competitive Eater Wing Kong and his wife, and neighbor Amy. I will be sort of Live Blogging this over the next 3 days.

5:30 Leaves out the front door with her suitcase in search of adventure!

6:30 am Runs into Jenne at Willow Grove. Jenne is like the head muckety-muck of this event and someone that we've known for a few years through our blogs. She pretty much rocks.

9:30 am Multiple texts received from Wing Kong that are lies.

10:30 am Phonecall from my honey! Everything is going great and they are stopping to pee somewhere. Has a headache though.

1:04 pm Phonecall! She's at the lunch-stop 10.8 miles in. Says the bottoms of their feet hurt. They are laughing alot. Says she saw 'Hub' (Jenne's husband who we went to college with, says he looks the same. jerk.)

1:58 pm text: "8 miles to go!"

4:24 pm laughing delieriously, says knees hurt. 2 miles to go!

5:42 pm She made it TWENTY MILES!!!!

6:30 pm My girl is TIRED!!!


5:56 am I text her. "Do you need anything from home?" "The Car."

9:00 am I bring two of the boys down to Manajunk and we walk a mile or two with her. She's got bandages on her blistered feet and cant stop too long. She looks great!

1:59 pm Passing City Hall! Still moving!

4:30 am She's back at Camp and looking through the Memorial Tents. Very Moving.


8:30 am Phone Call. Walking and hurting. Feet are bleeding. Bad Blisters.....little bit crying

11:45 amMe and the boys head down to Bryn Mawr and wait with signs we made. They say "Walk Baby Walk!" We cheer on the crowds as they march by. We finally see her and she's moving pretty good. Lots of kisses from the boys but she's afraid to stop for too long

3:32 mmSHE MADE IT!!! She's going to eat and wait for us at the 5:30 pm Closing Ceremony!

4:00 pmSHE MADE IT!!! Me and the boys leave for the 5:30 pm Closing Ceremony! We are intending to be early and get a good seat.

6:15 pm20 Minute ride to Villanova takes TWO HOURS AND FIFTEEN MINUTES. Apparently the Three Day is soooo successful that the streets, parking lots and stadium are completely overrun with gridlock traffic of loved ones trying to catch the event. Traffic extends for miles for the exit on 476 North and South. Everyone is frustrated and I get in a verbal fight with some asshole who tries to pass me the shoulder about an hour into the gridlock. I wanted to kill him. My Mom and Dad make it from Jersey about the same time because of the traffic.

6:16 pmCatch the final 15 minutes of the ceremony and hear a wonderful speech by Jenne. Wow!! After years of reading each others blogs I finally get to meet her in person. She's very busy wrapping things up so it's only for a minute, but it's kind of crazy that their is a real person on the other end of her blog! Also get to see her husband who I already know and adore from college. He looks awesome.

6:30 pmMy honey is emotionally and physically spent. What an incredible event. We goin collect her bags and those of Wing Kong & Wife and head to the van. Traffic is unbelievable and it takes 1.5 HOURS just to exit the Parking Lot!!!! My poor honey is exhausted and tired and has the worst blisters I've ever seen on feet. My Dad WALKS to a local pizza shop and returns with pizza for everyone. We still hadnt moved. Great Pizza.


deanamo said...

Glad to hear it's all going well! So proud of her!!!

goooooood girl said...

So good......

Leonesse said...

Those Fabulous Bellies.

Gnightgirl said...

Yayyyyyyyy! I'll tune in for Day #2. Tell her the bloggin' world is cheering for her.

The Texans said...

Dear Kelly: Wow! What a beautiful achievement. Thank you for walking for Betsy and for Mom and for all the women in this race.

Anonymous said...

-Woo Guy-

(actual identity unknown;)

steakbellie said...

I'm more of a fan of High Five Guy.

Gerberdaisee said...

Woo Guy is waaaayyyy cuter ;)

Thanks for all your "woos" and Jenne's "hoorays!" She is really awesome at her job!
This was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life- feelin supercharged and ready to take on the world, until work tomorrow at work.
By the way, let it be known Steakbellie has been voted best husband and dad in the world!!

katrocket said...

words aren't enough to describe the huge smile on my face -- way to go Kelly (and her amazing support team)!

Wendy said...

That's great! Good job, Kelly! I didn't know you hadn't met Jenne in person before - thought you went way back. She's great, yes?!

Thanks for sharing the experience...