Monday, October 06, 2008

How I will get a World Record

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This Wednesday morning I will be on the radio in an attempt to set the Haggis 8 Minute World Record. As you may know Haggis is a traditional Scottish Meal made up of the innards of a sheep ground and mixed with some oatmeal. It is extremely Rich and fatty and is not unlike Scrapple except that it smell is more like death. Tastes ok though.

Because the food is so rich and satiating, there are NO RECORDS that exceed 1lbs. I have found several contests that are contested annually (including in Scotland, Western PA and California) but they all feature a single 1lbs of Haggis and the winner is the one who can finish it the fastest.

The fastest result is 1:30, and I fully anticipate to eat my first lbs in under 1 minute. The remaining 7 minutes is where all the trouble starts and I will be struggling to break 3lbs and in my fantasy world eat 4lbs. My capacity is more than double that weight, but this is more about intestinal fortitude on my part, being able to keep eating when all of my senses are opposed.

I can pretty much garuntee that the rest of the day wont be much fun.

Wing Kong and His Ride
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Also attempting to break a World Record will be the great Wing Kong. He will be attempting to break Dale Boones long standing Pork & Beans Record of 84oz in 1:52. I've seen him practice this stunt and it is just so incredibly amazing! It may be one of my favorite stunts of all time, the bowl is as big as a steering wheel. I'm certain I could never come close to that speed in this disclipline.

Eating against the clock is much harder than eating against a rival, so we will both have to be on our game to create a record that will last. This will be a first record for each of us.

This whole thing has come full circle for me as eating Haggis was my very first stunt that I did to get into WingBowl 14, 3 years ago. I forget if it was 1.5 or 2lbs I ate that day but I know that I kept getting phantom wiffs of it for months afterwards. The smell kinda haunted me.

Whats also funny is that this simple moment on the radio may be how I am remembered anecdotaly for years to come. I have spent a whole life, loving and working and someday the only thing my great-grandchildren will know about me is that I once ate more sheep guts than anyone else. Ever. What do you know about YOUR great-grandparents?

The radio station we will be on is WMMR out of Philadelphia. We will be on Wednesday October 8th, 2008 sometime after 8am EST.

They will offer Podcasts and Videos of the show here and you might be able to listen live.


deanamo said...

Lots of luck, SB!!!!

Matthes said...

I'll be listening with rapt attention. Go get 'em, dude...

Wendy said...

good luck! I'll tune in...

DW said...

Freaking Awesome. I hope you arent riding your bicycle there and back

Leonesse said...

Go Steakbellie!

Chris said...

I'll be listening!

Steve Caratzas said...

Uhm, Jesus.

But good luck.

Wild Bill said...

3 pounds in 8 minutes - Congrats, SB.

WingKong - 84 ounces of beans in 58 seconds; crushed previous world record of 1 minute and 22 seconds.