Thursday, August 28, 2008

Scene from my life.

Local Fast Food Restaurant
Steakbellie and his middle son walk into the restaurant and get in line to order. Ch@rlie keeps laughing to himself.

Cashier: "Can I help you sir?"
SB: (turning to Ch@r) "Do you want anything?"
Ch@r: (laughs again) "No Thanks."

SB: (looks over Cashiers head at the Menu and feigns reading) "Uhhh, jeeze...I guess, gimme Thirty-Eight Hamburgers and a Small Diet Coke."
Cashier: "Seriously?"
Ch@r: (Laughs)
SB: "Yes"

Cashier: "For You?"
Ch@r: (Laughs)
SB: "Yes"

Punk in line: "Thats alot of hamburgers"
Ch@r: (Laughs)
SB: "Yes"

Cook in Back receiving order: "Is this for real?"
Ch@r: (Laughs)
Cashier & SB in unison: "Yes!"


Anonymous said...

Not an even 40?

steakbellie said...

this was from a few weeks ago. I've done the 40 since.

Melissa said...


I can only imagine the look on the cashier's face. Now - was that to eat in, or to go?

Wendy said...

I can see the guy's face! Funny....

ginger b said...

So everyone behind you in line was just thrilled, right?

katrocket said...

I love that you ordereed "a small diet coke" with that. haha!

dsw said...

I need you to do a minimum of 50

Smelmooo said...

I laughed out loud.

Leonesse said...

Did you sign a napkin for when you are famous?