Friday, August 15, 2008

Did you know?

I was in a very long and important meeting this morning involving all of the other Senior Managers. There was talk of budgets and schedules, hirings and firings, various Security Issues. I kept thinking 'I wonder if I can swallow a White Castle Burger in a single swallow'

At lunch I bought a two pack at the dirty 7-11 and gave it a shot. I fit a whole burger in my mouth. It's takes me 2 swallows but I can actually do it without chewing at all. The force of my throat tears it apart. Isnt that fun? YAY!


Leonesse said...

I had a very inappropriate comment come to mind.

Bad Leonesse. Bad.

katrocket said...

I wish we had dirty 7-11's in Canada, but somehow I doubt it's the nice kinda dirty.

Chris said...

Yeah, all we have is the dirty kinda dirty 7-11's here, too.

I've never seen a White Castle burger. They must be kinda small...?