Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On China

damaged rings
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I'm fascinated with the air and water pollution issues at the Olympics in China as they relate to the people living there. My guess is that people just sort of got used to the pollution as it slowly got worse. It's a trade off for living in a place that you can actually get a job. Many may not know any different.

My curiosity is to be what will happen socially, once the Olympics are over and China turns back on all of the Coal fired Factories and plants and allows all of the cars on the road. It will go from somewhat clear ti horrible again.

Is there going to be pushback from the people who finally saw their kids breathing cleaner air? Will these people help inspire some environmental regulation? Will the Government listen?


Leonesse said...

C'mon, these people even scam a little girl out of her 15mins for looks. They have no morals.

...guess they are more like the US than I had hoped.

Wendy said...

good questions.