Tuesday, August 19, 2008

and begin

Lake Pleasant
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i'm exhausted.

The Steakbellie calander starts and ends with my vacation in upstate New York every summer. Typically I am refreshed and eager to begin the year, but troubles at home shortened and ruined our vacation this year.

I feel like your cellphone that you really really need today but forgot to plug in last night. You're going to have to get by on only one bar today.

There's alot I want to do this coming year and I am just going to have to straighten myself out to get it done.

It's almost my 15th Anniversary and I want to take my wife away to somewhere special as a reward for dealing with me on a daily basis. That job cant be easy, people.

I want to eat 40 Hamburgers at next Months Krystal Burger Contest, because that seems like a sensible thing to do. WWSBD?

I want to run in the Philadelphia Marathon in November, because I dont know what else to do with my life, and added prolonged physical pain keeps me from becoming a zombie. or a fatty.

I'd also like to get a little more economically stable. bills keep me up at night.

I'd like to write a short story. My writing has been really flat lately, but I think thats just a mental phase, I'd like to write something and submit it somewhere just to see if it could get published. I'm pretty sure I could pull it off, just need to decide to start.....


Mega Munch said...

lol...the cellphone analogy is priceless. I feel like that alot. What's more ambitious, the 40 Krystals or the marathon? I'm thinking the marathon, but I also think you can do both of them.

Leonesse said...

Having been making due with one bar for months now, I feel you. And turning 40 has me thinking about where I am going and what I am doing next. At least you have somewhat of a plan!

Wendy said...

Our 15 year anniversary this year too. Our friends just went here: http://www.rockhousehotel.com/hotel/

A girl can dream.

I hope your dreams come true.

Chris said...

Just outta curiosity, where does a guy submit a story, anyway? I've been wondering that for years.

Slub said...


I am so sorry about the pressures you face. And your management of these chapters, will be a testimony to your level good head you and Kelly have, as you continue to work as a team.

Over the years, one thing I have been impressed about you, is your beautiful spirit that attracts people wherever you go. Know that quality is always with you.

As you seek the balance you wrote about, fully feel what you are experiencing and walk though it knowing I'm cheering you on.

Friday I celebrated my 10 year anniversary with my sweetheart. And, and on Friday we went through a special exhibit at the DMA that made an impression on both of us, and I hope inspires you too.

Cole Porter, Hemingway, F.Scott Fitzgerald and Picasso were Sara and Gerald Murphy's best friends.

As I read the personal letters, diaries and saw the family beach photos...I realized in that moment of looking at these "snapshots of time" that they, these greats in literature and the arts...were real, felt tragedy and had best friends through it all that walked through it with them. And how the Murphy's handled and lived their lives inspired their friends to paint and write.

Seeing the "other side" of the tapestry, I felt at any moment, I would hear announced on a loudspeaker the voice of Paul Harvey, "And Now You Know the Rest of the Story".

May your writing come, and may you find the strength to triumph. Happy 15 yrs.

Signed smushed by an 18-wheeler, but inspired to be on fire to live.