Monday, June 02, 2008

First Place, Participant, First Place

They havent posted the official results yet but I survived the 5K. My oldest son placed 10th overall or so with a time of 20:04 and won his age group of 14 and Under.

My middle son laughed at me when I asked him if he was going to run the race. He opted to mow lawns all day for sweet cash.

The baby won the 1 mile race with a time around 7:30.

I was very pleased finishing aroud the 30 minute mark. My goal was beat 40 minutes so as not to get lapped by my son. I started the race dead last (on purpose) and enjoyed running through the neighborhood. At several points along the way members of the Steakbellie WingBowl Enterauge hung out of their windows yelling obsenities and encouragement for me.

There were offers of beer. It being an athletic event, I yelled that I would only accept Light-Beer.

There is no prize for beating a fat guy in a yellow Hot Dog shirt, but the there is shame if you lose to him. I bring humilty for all.

UPDATE: Official results just posted:
C@leb Steakbellie: 20:18 27th Overall out of 268 Finishers. First Place 14 and Under.
Steakbellie: 30:51 195th Overall. That puts me a just a hair under 10 minute miles. I'm really happy with that!
M@ximum Steakbellie: 1rst place for the Mile. They didnt post the results.


katrocket said...

Well done!

(that last paragraph slays me.)

steakbellie said...

it's the truth. There was this teenage boy that I stopped running and had to walk. Evertime I caught him he'd give me a look of disgust and start running again.

I ran at the same pace the whole race.

It was like that right till the end. The finish was at the top of a long hill. The kid sprinted up from the bottom and lost his gas about three quarters of the way up. I ran at a steady pace till the top, and then sprinted as fast as I could past the little fucker and beat him at the finish.

I could hear the air come out of him when I went by. It was the sound of someone giving up running for a lifetime.

katrocket said...

Hey - that's a real-life "Tortoise and the Hare" story!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful family! :o)

Matthes said...

I still remember running past you the last 50 yards of our Presidential Physical Fitness 600-yard run in 8th grade and heading you singing "Drop Dead Legs" as I went by. I laughed so hard I still remember it 46 years later or however the hell long ago that was.

steakbellie said...

Are you serious? Thats freaking histerical. It sounds right too as I was a HUGE VH fan and loved that song.

What a f'ing dork i am!!!

Thats awesome.

Leonesse said...

Way to go Bellie Boys! Mama must be so proud. Three runners and an entrepreneur!