Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Lots of real life going on

A kid in the middle school was killed this weekend.

I have two sons that go to school with him, and they found out on Monday morning. It's pretty freaky for them to have someone of the invincible age of 14 die. It's really horrible, and alot of the Parents are freaked over this. Including us.

Sometime around midnight he was hit by a Trolley. Because the boy was supposed to be sleeping elsewhere on Sat night, it was well into Sunday before the Police could identify the body. What is complicating in figuring out what happened is that the boy way LAYING on the tracks when the Trolley hit him.

There's theories of suicide, theories of drunkenness, theories of an accident.
Police havent said too much but are also investigating that the boy was killed and THEN placed on the tracks. The kids even have theories as to who could have done it.

There's already a huge memorial at the site of the incident, built by visiting Middleschoolers. It flowers, tshirts, notes, teddy bears, photos.

What a mess.....


Gnightgirl said...

Ugh. I don't think you ever get over worrying about your kids, and feeling so much heartache for other parents who have to endure that which we cannot imagine.

Hugs to you and your kiddies.

Wendy said...

OMG a parent's worst nightmare. I'm sorry for the family and for your whole community. How awful.

Chris said...


I remember when I was in my early teens a classmate died. We live in a rural area (no trollies); he got tangled up in some ropes and pullies in the barn and accidentally hung himself. There were all sorts of suicide questions, but I never really bought into it. I think he was just goofing around in the barn, playing Tarzan or something, and got tangled up. Anyway, I never saw his father smile again. Ever. It really affected the whole school, even though the boy wasn't in the "popular" crowd.

Death is a powerful thing, a powerful lesson. One that hurts every time.

I hope there wasn't anything nefarious in this boy's death.


CoffeeDog said...

Wow, so sorry to hear this.

When I was in jr. High some girl got hit by a train; it was never clear what happened. She did live, but we never saw her after that