Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My WingBowl 16 Stunt has been approved!

I am scheduled to be on the air this Thursday, Dec 13th at 7:30am. You can listen at 610 WIP AM or on the web at http://www.610wip.com/ and clicking on 'listen live' (it's in the upper left hand quarter of the page) They classically run late so it may not be exactly at 7:30, but hopefully it's close.

My stunt was inspired by Dave Shoeffner of the Eating Blog Mega Munch. Maybe over a year ago he suggested that it might be a fun challenge to eat the entire "McDonald's Dollar Menu". At the time it was 9 items. My local McD's has 13 items! WIP say I need to eat it in less than 5:30 minutes to qualify for WingBowl 16.

An important requirement of the stunt is that I cant dunk the items in water/soda. That can really make it more difficult. This stunt was fun to think about, because I had to come up with the order that I would eat the foods and why. It really does make a difference.

I think whats difficult about this stunt is that you dont have enough of any one food to ever hit a rhythem. There is a constant change of texture, temperature and flavor. I'm testing it again tonight and may change the order slightly, but here is the list, in the order that I intend to eat them.

Small Soda - I'm going to be taking sips off this through the whole first half of the challenge

Double Cheesburger - The heaviest Item by weight. I want to get all of the biggest stuff down first. Hamburgers however are fairly easy for me.

McChicken Sandwhich - Also heavy, and the exterior is kinda crunchy.

3 Cookies - These are new on the menu. You get three for a dollar and they are much bigger than I expected. Without doubt, they are the HARDEST thing to eat on the menu! My mouth hurt for a full day after this...scratchy!

Parfait - I will likely be alternating spoonfulls of this with the cookies

2 Apple Pies - I forgot they even made these anymore. Not terribly hard to eat, but heavy enough to make a difference in my time.

IceCream Sundae - A welcome break at this point

Small Fries - who likes cold fries?

Side Salad - Not too hard but a completely different feel than anything else on the menu

Apple Slices - These are preskinned and slicled, and are treated with something that keeps them very fresh and even alittle too firm. Should be easy to stuff in at the end.

Of course the downside of all of this being that it'll take me a week to balance out the calories on this! SUPER-SIZE-ME!

I guess we have ALL burned ourselves on a McDonald's Hot Apple Pie at one time or another! I will be picking up the food late tonight for tomorrows stunt. The warm foods will be room temp when I eat them which can be much more difficult. Realizing this, I only practiced with cold food.

I tested this stunt again last night and it isnt a shoe-in. It really is difficult and the roof my mouth is still sore.

As the great Eater Ian 'The Invader' Hickman pointed out, any food stunt can be much harder when 'Picnic Rules' Apply. Picnic rules state that you eat the food the same way you would normally. You can drink a lemonade while having a hotdog, but you wouldnt dunk it in a cup of Lemonade first.

A couple of important milestones for my stunt:
I'll need to have both the Double Cheeseburger AND the McChicken Sandwhich down before the 1 Minute Mark.

The 3 Cookies HAVE to be down before the 2:00 minute mark or it will be close at the end. They have been so difficult to get down in less than a minute.

ALSO Wing Kong will be doing his Stunt at 6:45AM. FIVE cans of Spagetti-O's in less than 2 minutes...it's AWESOME!!!!

We will be filming the stunts for posterity.


Wendy said...

Those apple pies are so hot inside! I hope you can let it cool first. Good luck - we'll be listening!

Liz said...

So awesome. Great stunt.

KevinRoss said...

Good luck! I was already beaten to the punch about how hot the apple pies can sometimes be. If it still is hot before you start, I'd suggest breaking open the pies at the beginning. Then, a lot of the heat will have escaped from the filling by the time you get to it so you won't burn the crap out of yourself and get slowed down.

Skinnyboy said...

Do it, mi capitán, do it.

Amy said...

what about the large sweet tea? That's on our $ menu... also do the apples come with the caramel dip?

Chris said...

I'll be listening! I'm all sorts of excited! Man, watch out for those apple pies though! They'll burn your mou... oh. Never mind.

I've only been to McDonalds once in the past two or three years. They have some little chicken wraps now that aren't too bad on our dollar menu. Strange little things.

katrocket said...

Dangit - I'm gonna miss your stunt because I'll be on my way to work - will it be videotaped again?

Mild Biscuit said...

I started singing the McDonald's jingle from my childhood..."on a sesame seed bun." I had no idea the planning that goes into competitive eating. And you do it without getting a gut. My metabolism screams in rage and jealousy and gnashes its would be teeth. My fat cells point and laugh at my metabolism. Should we start calling you cast iron bellie now?

INVADER said...

Steak, awesome blog still to this day. As for the relevant topic, you are going to kill it. Five minutes and a half will be plenty of time to smash 13. Interesting twist with "Picnic Style" though. I'm sure you've already discovered how decisively more challenging it is.

Good luck and I look forward to the "Steakbellie/WingKong Wing Bowl" sequel video. Seriously, there needs to be one.

US MALE said...

Just like last year's hoagie stunt, you will demolish the 5 1/2 minutes. Cannot wait to hear you & King. Best of luck.

Chris said...

I'm all a-twitter.

Mega Munch said...

Awesome stunt. Glad I was able to offer a little inspiration. I remember when I attempted the Wendy's Dollar Menu challenge just for fun and trying to figure out which order to do it all. Your ordering sounds pretty dead on. Can't wait to see the video. Good luck bro!

Wendy said...

Great show! We all listened before breakfast. We were guessing that you aren't hungry for breakfast now....